Here Dark 1

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#here_ dark_1

It was one of the raucous times when I used to eat the muffin. I sat on the far left alone and asked for a glass of wine. It was a suspicious feeling that shook my chest. I felt that I was an outcast from his homeland, his relatives and acquaintances, even from himself.
My seat has not changed since the muffler arrived and I did not move, but I sat still in the back of my head, my head down, the table firmly attached to my chest, holding the glass of wine for a moment and then getting the idea that I was outcast.
I suddenly felt like I was about to fall, but suddenly a huge hand grip hit the table I was sitting on, which scared me. I lifted my head with weakness and weakness. I found a huge man in his fourth body.
He said to me gently:

  • Let me sit next to you and tell you what happened with my love. I do not tell one of my relatives about my privacy. I only tell the strangers, to those who show them everything, and after that meeting they disappear from my life for ever and I do not see them again.
    I said disgusted:
  • I do not think it 's good to talk about your lovely sweetheart sitting at the table alone with a glass of wine.
    He ignored my answer and continued his words as if he were talking to someone far away:
  • It is a happy story that will guide yourself to happiness, it is legendary, legendary love.
    A crowd of curious people, who had a wild desire to know the rest of the story, danced from us, so I shook my chest and said angrily:
    Do not share me in happiness and not even in love, not my slightest interest to know your story, let me and myself.
    He sighed, then he roared like a bull and hit the chair with his foot. He walked away from me two feet away and sat down.
    I looked at him from time to time and I saw his position unchanged, but suddenly one of them sat in a table nearby so that he created a barrier between me and him and almost disappeared behind it.
    She also focused her eyes on me, and began to drink wine and pick up some of the beads of kings in a luscious manner. It disgusted me and I felt very disgusted.
    I heard a faint siren so I pretended to myself that I was giving the first thing, repeated the yellowing many times and when I lifted my head and found the first man is whistling.
    I looked at him, then he nodded to me and moved his hands pointing to that prostitute, as if asking me to go. She sighed hard and dipped my head for a moment and found him by surprise walking towards her and whispering in her ear.
    Then she came out of her place, clothed in her lovely red dress, then approached me and leaned her arms on the table to show her chest, which was almost naked
    I made half a smile a sign of disdain. Then I drank the rest of the cup of wine and spat in the ground. Then I lowered my head.
    She chewed gum:
  • What do you think of some fun ..?
    I lifted my head towards her, and then she laughed with a jingle at her, I thought I agreed and she said,
  • how much will you pay.?
    I shook my face and then looked at it contemptuously and I stuck again in the ground, and then I said:
  • what do you want?
    I replied: I want to ask you a little, do not you want to pray.?
    I said: I want to pray, but not in this way, I want to see the human offspring ceases to multiply, so the sorrows, depression and tragedies will be reduced slowly until we all die, end up as the human body, and end all the pain in the world, so I pray.
    Her expression suddenly turned to astonishment and puzzlement, and then ran to sit far away from me.


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