Start earning from airdrop"2"...ابدأ الربح من الايردروب

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It is a constant fact that you can succeed quickly and in the best way when you help others succeed. - Napoleon Hill

Hello my friends
In the previous article I wrote about airdrop and the steps you have to make until you start working on airdrop. here
Start earning from airdrop...ابدأ الربح من الايردروب
In this article I'll write about some currencies that have a very large future and if you work on them and collect a lot of them you will make very big profits in the near future
let's start.

بالنسبه لأخوانى العرب يمكنك الاستعانه بهذا الموقع فى ترجمة المقال وفهمه

1- dock
One of the currencies that is expected to have a very large future..
To get the coin:

  • go to dock and Follow the steps2018-05-20_22-19-45.jpg
  • Write your email and go to your email to verify
  • Add the picture and then your name, your last name and password you want.
  • add title to your account then "looks good"
  • Type this data and as you notice there is a percentage at the top.. Increase when you finish each field
  • link the account to one of your social networking sites
    congratulations now your account is complete and you can earn 11.25 currency when you invite your friends to register through your referral link you'll find it in the call and "earn" box.

2- presearch
Also this is a powerful currency and it has a very nice idea a search site where you can search in many websites whether the locations of currencies, platforms or Google or economic sites are many you can choose from the list... The more you search through it, you win the money, and the more you invite your friends and use the site through you, you also win... The currency is expected to have a very large success in the near future.

  • go to presearch ans click "sing up now"
  • write this data
  • as you can see at the top, the site gives you 25 pieces of this coin and every search you make will take 0.25 of the currency with a maximum of 8 currencies per day... 32 Search operations per can add a lot of sites that you like to search through"customize"
    3- mannabase
    One of the powerful coins that have a great human side... It distributes free and comes a sum of coins regularly every week.. It's enough to just register it, activate the account by phone number, invite your friends, and then keep the coin, as I told you, it has a big future in the coming period.
  • go to mannabase and write your email address then click "get started" then go to your email to activate your account
  • click "register your mannabase account "
  • now writ your username, password and click"create an account"
  • congratulations now you have completed the registration process and now the most important step you have to make
  • write your data and phone number to verified it

now your account activate every week you will earn some coins of mannabas ...don't forget invite your friends

In the next article, I'll talk about more powerful coins.

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Interesting article do you know of any steemit airdrops?


I don't think there's a steemit airdrops... But if there is, I'll write about it too.


There could be with smt's i hear but more profitable if they launch differently, learning about it in smg discord, want a link? Helpful group there!

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اتمنى منك تقديم اردوبات صادقة و ليست التى تتطلب ارسال اولا مال اليها اولا


@ahmedibrahemممكن تقولى اى ايردوب ف دول طلب منك ارسال مال؟؟؟؟؟


اقصد ان تذكر لى ما هو مذكور فى منشورك
مثلا انت تذكر لى ما هو فيهم الذى لا يتطلب ارسال اليه مال
لاننى اشتركت سابق فى بعض الاردوبات و كلهم يذكروا انهم يطلبون مال
لارسال اليهم
و قد لا تعرف البعض الاخر من الايردوبات التى اشتركت فيها سابقا مواعيد او على الاقل يجب ان يذكروا انهم سوف يرسلون التوكنات الى محفظة الاثريوم مباشرة بعد تداول العملة


لا حضرتك يا استاذ احمد الايردروبات دى مش بتطلب مال ونصيحه اى ايردوب يطلب مال خليك بعيد عنه ركز ف المجانى بس دلوقتى ع الاقل لحد لما تتمكن من المجال وتفهم ابعاده
مجال الايردروب والعملات عامة عايز شويه صبر مهمتك تجمع عمله وتنساها لحد لما ييجى وقتها
ركز ف المقال دا واللى قبله واللى جاى ان شاء الله هيوضحلك حاجات كتير من اللى حضرتك بتسأل عنها