Cardano Project (ADA)

3년 전

There is a very important issue and it is interoperability or communication between the different blockchains, something fundamental and necessary and who is getting this or who has said that he will get it Charles Hoskinson co-founder of ethereum and is one of the great heavyweights of cardano in fact is who is behind the technology of the blockchain of cardan, is the one who has announced that the technology they are developing will get blockchains between that communication exists.


If it is achieved, it would be a great achievement. In fact, it is more than we can imagine not only because it is a necessary step for the crypto world and for the blockchain world in general, but because for the cardan project to be confirmed this confirms that the technology of Cardano is still leading and places it on top of other technologies even though the project may not make much noise is wonderful news.

It´s true that for years this is the workhorse of all projects how to get projects to interact with each other or how the smart contract what I can do in ethereum can serve me for a project that this one in cardan or another, of course we are still far from these words are confirmed because for that to be done there are many protocols that have to be understood but this must be the beginning for that to happen and if so we will find blockchains that could be understood by speaking an intelligible truth language, it would also allow that maybe mergers of projects would not be necessary because there would be a common language.

Currently in the world are almost all separate and can not understand and understand, cardan is making noise in the area of technology, part of the criticism made cardan is that at the level of marketing or communication is quite bad, in fact this announcement they do it in a brief way and they do it by their own means and not through a great event an event or maybe they are not so convinced that it works because it really is very ambitious this, cardano is a project that likes and counts a lot with many followers.


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