Crypto Market Drops

3년 전

These recent times have been very difficult for the crypto market but particularly for two of its most reliable currencies that have reached the lowest prices in 2018, such as bitcoin and ethereum, in the case of the second, in addition to losing half of the value in few days I end up falling in the ranking of capitalization of the market being displaced by ripple to the third place however ethereum is still considered a reliable asset among investors.


Among the reasons that ethereum has to continue being one of the main cryptos is its blockchain protocol of intelligent contracts which continues to grow and is the largest in the ecosystem, in reality the market capitalization has not managed to prevent decentralized networks from continuing In growth, becoming the main base of the infrastructure surrounding the asset, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency lost 92% of its value from its peak in January 2018, the infrastructure supporting the ecosystem has been increased and strengthened.

Another good reason is that the vast majority of icos continue to hold a large part of the funds in ethereum, based on the strength of its block chain and the people around it, as developers and engineers expert in smart contracts that ensure the codes and think about their customers, ethereum has a lot of potential to grow and surprises for the believers of their Blockchain technology.

The important thing in a moment as difficult as the one presented by the cryptographic market is not to be carried away by apocalyptic rumors as the death of the bitcoin is approaching, that this will have a value of zero or that the blockchain 3.0 is going to replace the bitcoin , because to kill the bitcoin must first die the internet, it is also not feasible for the miners to turn off their machines and leave the network because as the rate of hashrate decreases, some miners will be encouraged to join this revolutionary technology.


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