Financial Crisis in the Economic Markets

3년 전

After the Lehman Brothers crisis of ten years ago, economic crisis that originated in the real estate sector and the mortgages that caused a debt that was resolved with more debt, at the moment all the indicators seem to predict another financial disaster although the analysts do not are able to predict when or where the next crash will come from, if it is true that the S & P 500 stock index composed of the 500 largest companies in the United States has suffered a crisis every seven years or so which makes everyone believe that sooner or later it will end up happening.


Having knowledge of this will help us to be better prepared to face the difficulties and get ahead in the process, the main thing in the face of a possible crisis is to have savings for any emergency and the form, although difficult, is to keep the income or salary that we charge since we do not know which sectors will affect the crisis, we must also be prepared for a possible situation in which we are left without work to greater reserves greater protection, it is also important to diversify since if we have everything in one place and there it produces a bankruptcy, you run the risk of running out of nothing, it also happens when you invest you can diversify between the different types or the type of currency.

Another point isn´t to incur unnecessary debts, we must reduce expenses to the minimum essential is to know how to anticipate the consequences of our actions in the long term, it usually happens that when things are going well many people start to accumulate debts that do nothing but damage the financial state and in case of crisis they become a burden that can not get rid of overnight, we must also have some additional source of income, the best way to go creating additional sources of income is with passive income ie income that occur without requiring your presence, it is naive to think that I hope
crisis does not happen again, that is why it is our duty to take care of putting all the mechanisms to avoid an accident.

We must understand and accept that things are not as they used to be and probably never will be again after a crisis and those who survive are the ones who adapt best to change, we must do whatever it takes to get ahead, keep each crisis well informed always has different peculiarities and it affects very differently sectors that others can be aware of can help us better plan how to deal with the new situation, we must be able to reverse the negative consequences on opportunities, before a crisis arise new needs as an investor when you see holders of crisis or market collapse what you really should see is a discount poster or the perfect opportunity to make investments with discounts, but it is important not to act impulsively since no bad or bad situation lasts forever, the key is to be prepared.


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