How will the crypto market go in 2019?

3년 전

The year 2019 could follow the downward trend of the crypto market and we must prepare and take measures to take advantage of the situation and protect ourselves, although some do not want to hear bad news or pessimistic analysis of the market as it would cause greater fear, others believe otherwise and While it is true that negative news in a bear market produces uncertainty the same thing happens with the positive in a bull market, so it may be good to see investments with a cool head, studying and researching to have a better understanding of the situation.


If we look at it objectively, we are facing the worst fall in bitcoin for four years, in which we have reached 85% so far and it is important to be on the lookout if this fall continues in 2019 to prepare and make the best decisions as investors, one of the things that we should see is the state in which the different projects are, since many have announced the launch of their products for the following year and it is probable that some of them will fail because they do not have the capacity to attract users or due to poor planning and in the last few years months we have been watching a struggle for the few programmers that still remain in the crypto community to develop their decentralized platforms or applications DApps, since for example of ethereum many programmers have left who have seen that the projects are not moving in a good direction, projects that are among the first 30 in capitalization, the same happens with ethereum classic that lost many programmers s or bitcoin cash that was divided into two projects by the greed of its creators.

Another issue that we have been seeing is the news about the president of cardano who resigned and also the founder of eos who apparently wants to leave the project because he says he wants to focus on other In addition, it is also worrying that 25% of the projects in ico are in trouble with the agency that regulates the securities market for receiving financing in violation of the securities laws of the United States, so those projects would have to return the money but we know that almost all that money has been spent and
Invested in the business models that they have wanted to do with their platforms, the truth is that 2019 will be a year in which the main blockchain projects must show their progress and results.

It also presents the problem of the mining crisis the worst of the last seven years, the reason is that many miners invested in equipment and facilities with the belief that prices would continue to rise as they came in 2017 and early 2018 and like that not happened most have had to sell a good part of their mined currencies to keep operating costs causing prices to fall much more, nor are institutional investors very interested at this time in the crypto market because they are more concerned in the losses of valuation of their portfolios with the recent falls of the main indexes of capitals of the world and the bitcoin in these moments is perceived by the big investors not as a shelter of value type commoditiessino as an action and how is the stock market the one that has been falling that same uncertainty is transferred to bitcoin, 2019 is going to be a test year in the long term for those who really believe in this technology and companies that manage to survive in 2019 will be those that achieve greater adoption to their projects as happened with the internet bubble after its fall that market became more mature.


This is a good time to investigate what they believe will be those projects that can survive in 2019 and come out stronger because they will be the ones that will positively impact in the long term that really have a product that generates massive consumption, that are easy to use. and that will show the benefits of the blockchain, the crypto market will recover from ourselves with the confidence and the increase of adoption and the use of cryptocurrencies, it is our duty to identify from the fundamental the best projects for the new year .

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