Projects that will survive 2019

3년 전

After a long stability in the prices of cryptocurrencies; happened one of the most pronounced of the falls in the sector, do not confuse the direction in this the most fundamental and primordial is the bitcoin and blockchain technology and in that aspect this has been a good year, among the latest adoptions is that of institutional companies such as the creation of bakkt with the backing of Microsoft and the New York Stock Exchange as the first to exchange bitcoin for fiat money and make future contracts for the mother currency of the crypto market, in turn we are seeing large purchases of cryptocurrencies but in the private markets called otc where direct purchases are made to mining companies accumulating enough quantities to move the market.


Also the uncertainty and pessimism caused by the bitcoin cash hardfork caused the sale of retailer for fear of having large losses and this could have taken advantage of the big capital to accumulate more, it is very likely that everything is orchestrated by these big capitals institutions to buy assets from the crypto market at much lower prices, but I certainly believe that the market will rise and continue its growth, it is obvious that this only benefits the big investors because when buying cheaper then they will have a better positioning at the time to negotiate with bakkt when it is launched.

Bitcoin is technology and innovation created within the ecosystem of blockchain, everything that revolves around it in terms of value is only speculation and a bet on the exchange for fiat money, you have to differentiate between price and value, it is not the paramount for bitcoin raise or lower price the most important are its technological functions and whoever looks at it otherwise is accidentally in this market, we should always remember the main value of bitcoin.

In a market that moves around 120 billion dollars, where bitcoin lost the support of 4,000 dollars and ethereum fell of 100 dollars and where the doors open to opportunity purchases since according to various analysts we could see falling to the bitcoin of the 3,000 dollars and it is already very difficult to see this asset close to 12,000 dollars a year, this is undoubtedly something speculative looking for the vast majority of retailers to sell for large investors to buy cheaper, but it will also be a filter to know what projects will survive something that is good for 2019.


With bitcoin you have to be HOLD, the bnb token is another interesting one since its exchange is the biggest and has a chip burning plan that ensures that it will preserve future value, Stellar is another project to take seriously and that his token xlm little by little gets into new sectors, another of the good promises for 2019 is cardan and because if you are looking to speculate in the short term you can consider dogecoin that usually bounces that generate good profits.

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