Recovery of the 2019 Crypto Market

3년 전

After the crypto market has seen about 85% of its value lost in the last year there is still a lot of optimism and a positive long-term forecast for cryptocurrencies is maintained, it is clear that for investors of the peso it is easier to deal with losses in cryptocurrencies as bitcoin because they form a small part in their portfolios, they can also sustain them for longer if necessary, it happens the same with the real estate market where they have the ability to preserve properties in the case of an unexpected fall.


Much more complicated are minority or individual investors who need quick cash and are in need or obligation to sell some of the high-risk assets they have in their portfolios, suffering losses because they can not handle a fall as large as the that is being presented in the cryptographic market, we have already seen in the past the bitcoin suffer large falls over 80% and we have also seen its recovery and historical increases of each of these collapses being the most recent at the end of 2017 that I take the price to 20,000 dollars.

Surely we have a new recovery of the crypto market, however it is also likely that project tokens that offer very little disappear and only assets strengthened such as bitcoin, ethereum, ripple that have many powerful investors behind and, of course, other projects that must be demonstrated in the next year its value in terms of what they offer in their roadmap.

It´s also key to achieve adoption through stability, as have traditional or investment markets, cryptocurrencies have opened a new door for investors and they are here to stay and we see it when traditional financial institutions continue to shape their infrastructures in order to enter fully into this market.


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