The Cryptoactive Market Needs to Return the Trust

3년 전

In the crypto market we have experienced some very hard weeks caused by the vertiginous fall of bitcoin and most of the altcoins, which has caused panic in investors who have seen their yields decrease, we have also read the different explanations of these movements that have contributed down prices throughout the cryptoactive market.


It´s likely that the decline will continue and some projects will end up selling and selling their ethereum reserves and this pressure will continue in the price drop of this cryptoactive in the future, remember that all these projects obtained funds in this cryptocurrency at the beginning of the year and with a value over 900 dollars, but we know that ethereum, despite losing the second place with Ripple in the capitalization ranking, is still a strong asset and that if scalability improves it could in the short term have a recovery in their prices this at the hand of its massive use.

There is also the terrible news of the bitcoin cash fork that after a year of the hardfork of the main chain is now dividing again and this battle between Roger See that has the support of Jiham Wu of bitman with Dr. Craig Wright who wants restore Bitcoin to its original protocol, increasing the block size limit and putting the lost coins back into circulation, this also expressed that bitcoin cash sv will use any hash power it has to attack the abc chain of 51%.

In this war of egos there are those who speculate that bitcoin reserves are being sold for the purpose of financing mining activities and spending more than the other chain in hash power, this will only stop until one of the two runs out of money. that produces a pressure to this fall so strong in prices.


Don´t forget the war economic crisis that the giants of the United States and China are going through, this will surely provoke a debt crisis, companies in the field of technology have dropped by around 25%, it is likely that the traditional market bearish continue for some time, just as everything could get worse before it gets better and investors should focus on the long term.

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