SuperiorCoin is merging with Helix Coin

5개월 전

The time has come, and I’m excited to announce that SuperiorCoin is merging with Helix Coin. It has been nearly three years since SuperiorCoin Launched; This has been a long hard ride and a significant learning experience for the SuperiorCoin team and myself. Over the past three years, I have begun working on a new technology called HelixChain; this is a new type of blockchain that uses Merkel trees to combine many nodes creating a truly scalable and decentralized network. We are currently working to patent this new technology so that we can merge it with the Helix project. Helix project was started in 2018 by a team of European developers, over the past year, we have worked out an agreement to join our resources together to create truly revolutionary technologies. SouthXchange and BTC-Alpha have agreed to airdrop Helix Coins to the holders of SuperiorCoin at a ratio of 100 Superior to 1 Helix. Kryptonia will also be airdropping helix coins to all their users and changing the currency used on the platform to Helix. After the Airdrop has begun, we will no longer maintain SuperiorCoin and will focus all our efforts on the helix project. Please be patient during this transition; we will work to make sure everyone gets their coins promptly. Coins held in desktop or mobile wallets can receive the Airdrop by filling out the form listed below. Users who purchased SuperiorCoins in the pre-sale will be credited helix coins on kryptonia regardless if you have sold the original SuperiorCoin or not. Those who purchased in the pre-sale and are still holding their coins will get both airdrops of Helix coin. At 11 pm UTC April 30th, we will begin the process of swapping Kryptonia’s currency to Helix coin. As I write this, the helix team is working on compiling updated wallets for MacOs Linux and Windows. Helix has an updated android wallet and is days away from launching an iOS wallet in the App Store. Helix Coin trades on STEX and Crex24. I want to thank everyone who has supported the SuperiorCoin project over the past few years. I'm dedicated to building revolutionary technologies and want to share the rewards of this work with those who have supported the project.

For more information on the Helix Project visit

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