ARQ. I love a good time loop.

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ARQ is another movie about time looping. Note that I did not say yet another movie. That is not the sentiment I'm trying to express here.

On the contrary, I find this movie to be quite refreshing. It's not as though I've never seen anything like it, but it's rare to find a movie that is so immediately gripping and feels so engaging throughout the entire time.

ARQ Stars Robbie Ammel and Rachael Taylor. Two people that you might have seen in a variety of different sci-fi based shows.

There are also a few different guys, but I won't mention their names. This moving essentially revolves around a handful of people . Time loops and you see the same people over and over again.

The thing that I find really unusual here is that the actual time loop is very short. The day starts at 6:16. A group of robbers come in, attack a couple in bed, one or both of them are quickly killed, and then the day starts again at 6:16. Over and over and over again.

When it starts again one or both of them know that the robbers are going to break the door in so they are prepared. Each time they are a little bit more prepared and the timeline plays out a bit differently.
It's really fascinating if you think about it.

The point that you are looking for here is why is time repeating itself, and also why are the robbers breaking into the house again and again?

It turns out that the man in the couple is actually a scientist. We are apparently way in the future, and the world is in quite the terrible shape. There are a couple of different apparently violent groups that are trying to take over the world. This scientist is on his own in a house with a device that he has created for someone else and then taken back for himself. It's supposed to be an energy device, but as it turns out it is also capable of causing time to loop in on itself which is what is happening in the actual movie.

The robbers are trying to steal some scripts so that they can get drugs, but they are also on a mission to get The Time Machine. At least one of them is, although he doesn't know that it is actually a time machine. It's fascinating because at the beginning only the man in the couple remembers that time is looping. Eventually the woman begins to remember, and eventually some of the other people like the robbers begin to remember as well.

This movie is a nonstop ride. I really enjoyed it because you never feel bored, and you never feel like you should be doing something else. It's quick, fun, and really enjoyable. If you like science fiction movies at all, and especially if you like time based movies, then I think you will really enjoy this one.

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Always great sometimes to relax by watching some good movies

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I think this movie will be interesting