Do you drink coffee or tea? I drink green tea.

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I got up really early this morning. I had physical therapy but then I found out that my physical therapist had gotten really sick and had to be taken to the hospital. Unfortunately they did not let me know so I ended up driving around for a few hours and finally went to my restaurant gig way earlier than I was supposed to.

you don't want to show up at your restaurant gig early because there is always some work to do and you will not get paid for it.

So I'm out there trying not to do any work and I pulled a tea bag out of my top pocket. I had about five tea bags in there.

I decided to drink Bigelow classic green tea.


They say drinking green tea is really good for you. If you are a human being and you've ever looked on the internet then I'm sure you've seen that statement made.

I started drinking various types of tea because I like caffeine and I like having something to drink that isn't alcohol. However I don't always like to drink coffee because sometimes that feels like taking a rocket ship and often times I'd rather simply take the bus if you know what I mean.

Green tea can give you a slight boost but it's not like a kick in the ass.

Bigelow's green tea is pretty good. I feel like they got a bad rap for some reason but I like almost all of their teas with the possible exception of the matcha turmeric because it is way overpowered by turmeric.

I'm guessing most of you drink coffee in the morning. That seems to be the drink of choice. I tend to drink green tea though.

That's about all I have to say.

Hope you guys are doing well.

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tea and coffee contain caffein. It good to wake us up.
I drink it both
Tea we call teh, coffee we call kopi. Both of them can make situation better.

I drink decaf Green Tea in the Winter. I think its from Bigelow. I like the taste of coffee better, so I add a spoonful of decaf instant coffee. I further add a spoonful of Chocolate Ovaltine, then a little Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk. Tastes pretty good!

Let's hope the Green Tea IS good for us! :)

I'm doing both. A cup of coffee when I wake up and then 2 cups of tea mid-morning. The tea's for health reasons so I'm curious to see the results.

Hope your PT gets better!