Soylent Green is already here.

2년 전

Look what I found while walking around Walmart.


That's right. Soylent. Various colors of your fully complete meal kit.

There were red ones and yellow ones. There were green ones and white ones.


lurking in the very back behind the sign you see in the first picture is something hilarious.

A green one.

How could this company not know that Soylent Green is not something that we all really want?

of course I'm sure most of the people in the world today do not even know about Soylent Green. That is a shame. It is a fantastic movie.

Nevertheless I think this is pretty hilarious.

Soylent Green lies among us.

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Your pictures won't load but I know the product you are talking about I think. I read California is pretty dystopian these days with tons of homelessness and poverty because it's so expensive only the rich can afford to live. Maybe this Soylent food company is going to take care of that pesky homeless problem with some human flavors in the future. lol

I would love to see the pictures too!

Yep.... no photos showing for me either.

I am familiar with the movie though. :)


I don't know how do I get the same way I always do pictures just not working