Busy is taking over bSteem

2년 전

Today, I am pleased to announce that Busy has acquired bSteem. Now that Busy and bSteem have joined forces, we are excited to deliver the best possible user experience on Steem.

As a result of this acquisition there will be more resources around bSteem development, which in turn will produce more feature updates and bug fixes at a quicker pace. Also bSteem will be redesigned, with a new layout and a better user experience.

So what does this mean for the future of bSteem?

  • I will still be the lead developer of the project
  • There will be a new design
  • Bug fixes and feature updates will continue
  • The bSteem Discord will be closed and all users in the bSteem discord can go to the Busy Discord https://discord.gg/G95rNZs
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Hope you leave the 🐻 icon intact :)


Hehe we can try but we will need to make 🐻look cooler

  ·  2년 전

yes sir


i need more action ..

That's exciting news for both busy.org and bSteem! Will this app be reworked into being the official busy.org mobile app?


Ah, that's great. Busy if definitely my favorite interface for blogging on the Steem blockchain, so it will be great to get a brand new mobile app to go along with the web UI!

Congrats man! Can't wait to see what come out of this arrangement!


thanks! yeah lots of updates will happen :)


I can t stop the ilusion ...........


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Love to see more energy in the steemit ecosystem

I have bSteem 🐻 on my phone is great for when I can not be on the computer, I can upload anything at any time and so I can not wait to get to the house to be connected in steemtit

  ·  작년

New updates coming this week :) should be much faster

This step is one of the steps of the whole world.
Those who will be very interested in all the use.
And will create new dreams.

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hey i wanna ask something to you @jm90mm

Is it free to use or do you pay a percentage of you author rewards? I find ZERO information on the website....why?


You already got your answer for bSteem, but I wanted to point out that busy.org is also completely free (no cut of your payout at all).

However, I agree that all Steem apps should have clear information about if or how high of a cut they take when you use their service. Right now some of them kind of almost hides the information.


It’s a completely free mobile app. I downloaded it on my iPhone and it works great!


I use it too, it's a great app


ffree is great..

It is great news for the steemians that busy.org and steem have come together and give the best possible outcome to the community....
This will fix various issuses and may provide some extraordinay designs and updates...
Thans for such a great news..

when the post I use busy.org, I think that is simple, and some features really support me as a beginner, such as notification who comments post dear

Steemit is very fast money laundering! This is the biggest online earner platform in the world Which will pay for the publicity of its customer's post.


Not only money laundering... It is also a laundering for the souls of the money launderers :) Peace!

Congratulations! That sounds like a great investment!

That's awesome. I'm glad someone's gonna be doing it because I've used multiple steem apps, and they all seem to be really buggy.

#Congratulation BOSS...Bug fixes continue.>This IS Amazing News..And Thank You @jm90mm

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That's great news.
I thought it would happen. So, in truth, I considered two options.

  1. This is a test version before running official Busy mobile application, which then exits.
  2. Or, it's a test version that will then be associated with Busy, after removing the bugs.

The strange thing was that bSteem was not an opensource. That made me think.

This is some piece of great news.... Can't love it any less

This is very good news for the busy.org group

Really absolute for which

It's the first mobile app for the STEEM blockchain I'll try out. Let's see what it's worth. :)


Itu kabar yang sangat penting sekali busy.org, semoga kedepannya lebih sukses lagi, saya menunggu postigan berikutnya, karena saya suka.

Sweet! Looking forward to the inprovements.

Just curious has there been a change on busy recently, the formating for posts doesnt seem to be working at the moment for some reason, at least not in the preview window

Please add a night mode licke Steemit.com

@jm90mm how to anyone can earn rewards ?

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@jm90mm blockchain also affect by bug.
That is big issue at morning.is that any proper solution?

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Ohhh so both are different!!! Whenever i search for busy, it shows bsteem

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Wow what an important and much needed information.

It will be more fun for being on Steeming. Day by day use of new technology and innovations will lead towards a great platform.

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Am here to congratulate busy for having attained that acquisition and hopefully great work and achievements are to be enhanced.