Couldn't post using

4년 전

Hi, fellow steemians!

It's 1:47 AM here and I finally found some time to make a post.

Decided to use because I read about it a few days ago :)

Almost two hours later the post was looking good so I hit that pretty "publish" button only to see an error telling me "couldn't write" or something similar.

FML ;(

Has anyone encountered this problem?

I feel so stupid so I'll just leave this as a test :(

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that's too bad. I haven't used busy and did not post in the last days. Sorry for you, I feel.


haha, thanks!
Finally got to post something that I deemed to have at least some "quality" in it and that happened :D
No harm done though))
I didn't torture nobody with my post thanks to Which is a win in my book, looking retrospectively :D

And this time it worked.