Living a life without Steemit is sucks!

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Hi Steemians, as you may notice. Over the past few months, I haven't uploaded any posts on Steemit.
I want to clarify one thing: I will love Steemit forever. I really think that this is one of the most amazing writing websites. I like Steemit the most because it combines the art of writing along with an advanced future thing which is cryptocurrency. I believe that most people in the future will use cryptocurrencies besides the USD/EUR and other wide-used coins today.

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So why I don't post anything on Steemit right now? It is because I am doing my military service. I don't even have time to think about writing posts on Steemit, which makes me very sad. I was one of the biggest growing authors on Steemit and I think that many Steemers appreciated my writing during my writing period here.


I still want to keep writing on Steemit once I get back home. Like in this post. I am so excited to write again on Steemit and I will always keep this in mind.

Thanks for your amazing support, my followers & all the other Steemers.

Good luck guys!

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Good luck with your military service , maybe you could tell something more about the training when you come back? I think many people would be interested in it how military service goes? In many countries there are no obligatory military services more :)


This is a good idea, Miguelr. I will post once I get back!

Welcome back lazariko12

Have fun with steemit


Thank you so much!


You are most welcome

Welcome back bro! I was amazed when I have read this blog of you and I'm inspired to write to be like you. I'm just new at steemit and hoping to be a good blogger like you bro! Thank you for this blog you remind me to continue what I have started. :)


Thank you so much, @bigtrader24. Keep growing on Steemit! ;)


Yes bro I will thank you for noticing my comment may the god bless you bro! :)

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I'm fine living without steemit... i use steempeak instead.


What is that?

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Sneak your phone into the bathroom for a quick post every once in awhile! I wouldn’t be able to go 3 months 😮

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Military Service is mandatory in your country, where do you live??? I thought it was over....Good luck


I live in Tel Aviv


Stay safe!

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Thank you so much for your interest!

I feel the same. I am also guilty for not being able to post regularly on steemit because I am in the public service as well as a teacher. Sometimes the job is so demanding that it compromises our passion such as doing stuff online. But in my case I am now trying to figure out how can I manage my time so I can regularly post on steemit. Welcome back and congratulations. I have high regards for those who serve in the military. I'll give you a follow @lazariko12. More power

Welcome back in steemit,i hope you will not give up

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Siempre seras bienvenido, aquí hay espacio para todos con su altas y bajas. Saludos

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Great on you for your military service. Maybe keep us updated on it via Steemit?

Keep a notebook of your military service and then you will have a lot of content when you come back.
I hope to read more about your adventures then.

Steemit is a great platform where everyone reads what you write. It is a great platform of sharing. @lazariko12 fixed sometime for writing steemit. Carry on

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