10 Types of beautiful freshwater fishes and unique.

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For those of you who want a quiet atmosphere at home, maintaining an ornamental fish can be an option. Besides not too costly, maintaining ornamental fish also does not make your house dirty.
This decorative fish you can keep in the aquarium For the position is up to you, can be in the living room, dining room or family room.
Or it could also make a special pond ornamental fish in front of the house. Because some ornamental fish will look better when in the open space (no sunlight).
Then what kind of fish can be made in ornamental fish? Fortunately we live in Indonesia, where 75% of the world's ornamental fish come from our beloved country.

  1. Arowana
    The first is arowana fish. Fish that in Latin named Scleropages sp this, is the most popular among lovers of ornamental fish.

Arwana fish is very suitable for decoration in the aquarium. This is because arowana fish has very pretty scales.

In addition to beautiful, there is the assumption that if we maintain arowana fish at home, it will bring hockey / fortune and also keep the house from the reinforcements.

But that's just a myth, believe it or not it's back to you. But certainly, the arowana is used as an ornamental fish will provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

There are many types of arowana fish, including green arowana, arowana gold with red tail, arowana gold and red arowana.

Of the four it is the most expensive red arwana from Indonesia. The price can be up to tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.

  1. Koi Fish
    The second is koi fish. Koi name comes from japanese language which means carp fish. In Japan, koi fish serve as a symbol of love and friendship.

In Indonesia itself, many koi fish used as ornamental fish other than arowana. Besides as an ornament, this fish is also believed to bring good luck in the house.

Suitable koi fish kept in the yard of the house or front of the house that there is direct sunlight. Because the fish is very beautiful when viewed from above. In addition, koi fish require a wide area to move.

  1. Louhan Fish
    This fish belongs to the Cichlidae family. The original louhan fish habitat is from Malaysia and Taiwan. But now it is preserved and cultivated all over the world.

The louhan fish is very suitable to be kept in the aquarium as an ornament. The color of live scales and unique bumps on the head make this fish very beautiful when placed in the aquarium, especially in the living room.

  1. Betta fish
    Betta fish are included in Betta sp. from the family Osphronemidae. Betta fish can be said as a fish fighter, because of its nature and its aggressive character.

This fish will defend its imperial territory from other fish species. In addition to aggressive, hickey fish is also a tough fish, diaman he can survive even though the volume of water in his residence slightly.

Indonesia has native betta fish originating from Pampang, East kalimantan ie Betta channoides.

Among the fish fans, hickey is divided into 3 groups. Namely betta fish, betta fish and wild betta fish.

  1. Guppy fish
    The guppy fish in Latin is called Poecilia reticulata. Guppy fish is one of the most popular freshwater ornamental fish species in the world.

This fish is very easy to adjust to the environment and also very fast in breeding. In Indonesia alone, these fish live in many ditches and rice fields.

Initially guppi fish live only in the plains of America, then in 1920, entered into Indonesia to be ornamental fish.

The length of the fish is only 2 cm for the male and 3-6 cm for the female. What makes funny is the fat belly is white.
Remembered as a child, this fish became toys with friends. Because guppi fish is very easy to catch.

  1. Discus Fish
    The discus fish name is adapted from its disc-shaped body shape. This fish also includes one type of freshwater ornamental fish that is very popular with ornamental fish lovers community.

Discus fish are not native Indonesian fish. He comes from the American mainland, the Amazon river.

What makes this fish a hunt is the hallmark of his body. Where this fish picked pretty lines like painting from head to base of tail. The color of this line also vary according to its type.

  1. Oscar fish
    The oscar fish comes from the family Cichilidae and is born with the name Astronotus ocellatus. This fish comes from the waters of the Amazon, America. The length can reach 8 - 14 inches.

At first glance this fish resembles the usual gouramy we eat. But that distinguishes on the color part of the scales more interesting and patterned.

This is the main attraction for lovers of ornamental fish.

  1. Botia fish
    This Indonesian native fish is still one of the favorite fishes that are bought in the aquarium. The original habitat of botia fish is in the water that flows in the rivers.
    Botia fish are long-life fish. This fish can live up to 15 know in the aquarium. This fish includes nocturnal species of fish that are active at night to find food.

  2. Rainbow Fish (Rainbow) Papua
    Rainbow fish is a fish in the Rainbowfish group that has long fin features. This fish is found in the waters of Paupa, Sulawesi and Australia.

Rainbow fish originating from Papua has a darker color feature when compared to those found in Australia. The length of this fish ranges 4-5 cm not including the tail.

Rainbow fish from Papua is a type of tropical fish that live in water with pH 6-7 with a temperature of 23-29 degrees Celsius. These fish live in water that streams slowly like in swamps, moats and lagoons.

How to live this fish is in groups with the number of 6 tail or more. This fish has the appeal of its yellowish red scales on the middle to the back and dark blue on the head.

  1. Tiger Barb Sumatra Fish
    Fish with the latin name Puntius terazona is an ornamental fish originating from Sumatra. This fish has a small size that is only 70 mm.

Sumatran fish have a yellowish body color with 4 dark upright ribbons. The location of this ribbon is near the eye and the base of the tail.

The habitat of this fish is the shallow streams with a steady stream of clear and cloudy. This fish has a long enough life that is about 6 years.

In addition to being used as ornamental fish, Sumatran fish are also traded because it has a high enough commercial value.

So the story about the types of freshwater ornamental fish that I can review. Hope can be useful for my friends all thanks.
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