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Although it has become a common sight for the people of Indonesia, 9 views of this rice field area remains so ideal, "

Indonesia has paddy fields. If calculated, it may amount to more than billions of rice fields. The vast amount of rice field area makes many people feel Indonesia is less comfortable if they are invited to go to the rice fields. In fact, in Indonesia there are areas of rice fields that have extraordinary beauty.

  1. Rice Field Tegalalang Bali Indonesia.
    this is the most famous rice field scene in the world. The rice fields of Tegalalang are named.

This rice field area is in Bali, close to Gunung Kawi, Tampaksiring, and Taro Elephant Park. So, when here you can all travel to various places in Bali.

Although it is located in the rice fields, but here are many cafes and resorts that provide a delicious dinner and comfortable lodging to enjoy the green scenery.

  1. Lombok Throne Hill, spot challenging photos with super cool scenery
    views From the top of the hill of pergasingan, rows of rice fields arranged neatly colorful.

Rice fields whose function is similar to the paddy fields that are not far from our house looks different and charming when viewed at altitude in the hills perasingan. But, you must be willing to go up the stairs with a 70 degree slope if you want to see this incredible view.

  1. Jatiluwih, the area of paddy fields that make the liver melting

Jatiluwih is located in Penebel district, Tabanan about 1-2 hours drive from Denpasar. When the weather is sunny will look the beauty of the "spectacular" against the background of Mount Batukaru. This landscape features a green and uniquely shaped field of rice fields.

The best time to see these fields is when the rice leaves are green before the harvest.

  1. Unique Flores Spider Farms

Spiderweb-shaped fields are rare in the world. Remarkably, NTT has this unique shaped rice field area.

You can see it directly if you come to Cancar area, Manggarai regency, NTT.

  1. Harau Valley rice field area flanked by two high cliffs
    Who does not know Harau Valley? Harau Valley is famous for its fertility and beauty.

The area of rice fields here is also very beautiful, not inferior to the beauty of the valley. You can see for yourself by coming to Harau Sub-district, West Sumatera.

well that's a little about the scenery is very beautiful in Indonesia if you have not been to visit please try this scene I guarantee you will be impressed later.

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