Typical food of West Sulawesi

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hello friend of mine this time I will tell about typical food of sulawesi and explanation.
The typical food of West Sulawesi Province is food made with ingredients derived from the natural resources of the local area.

The basic ingredients may come from agriculture, plantation, fishery, or forestry. Traditional foods such as golla kambu, loka anjoroi (banana disantan), and the smell of peapi (fish cooked with spices like Mandar).

Traditional Gola Bamboo Food
Although only made of a very simple material, it turns golla kambu able to attract the attention of many people. During the holy month of Ramadan traditional food is much booked to break the fast. The basic ingredients used for making these foods are glutinous rice of choice, young grated coconut, and brown sugar. The three ingredients are mixed into one into a container, cooked for several hours to form a hard dough. The end result, the dough was wrapped in banana leaves that have dried up in small size. Although not preserved, these foods last up to several months.

Traditional Food Lawar
The next typical food is lawar. Lawar is a dish made from raw red fish meat mashed with spices and lime juice. Lawar looks reddish white. Lawar is usually eaten with banana and boiled cassava. This food is typical food Mandar tribe.

In the area of West Sulawesi Province can also be found other special foods, such as ulek-ulek tareang, zepa, tumpi-tumpi, and flying fish. The tumps are smoothed fish meat, then shaped like triangles and fried. Meanwhile, zepa is a shredded yam formed like martabak. To enjoy the zepa is usually given a gravy curry. As a side dish of smoked flying fish. Ulek-ulek tareang is a typical porridge Mandar. This porridge is made from sticky rice that is pounded. As the sauce is given palm sugar that is not too thick. It's so delicious that it makes anyone want to taste again.

well that's a little culinary story typical sulawesi indonesia hopefully useful story from me thank you.

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ok thank you