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  ·  3년 전



You didn't even read it. Did you? No, you didn't. That's the biggest lie you've told so far today, I guess. LOL

When I told my teacher I was sick when I actually skipped class because I was playing my computer game😁


Thanks for sharing! Be sure to check out my video this evening for mine.

When i told Mr girl friend that i don't lie while that's also a lie


Yeah, that's not good. Is she still your girlfriend? Advice from a guy who's been married 26 treats, the truth is always easier.


Ok. Advice taken. Thank you so much

I don't lie.


I have a feeling that's probably not your first. LOL


Well, obviously that was a lie, but I really try not to.

One reason for that is I am really a terrible liar.
And a really lazy person, so I try to avoid unnecessary work
and it is a lot of work to keep your lies in line.

I really can't remember my last serious lie.
I try to be straight forward about things.
Obviously you have to consider feelings of people and sometimes I am really careful about what I say, not lying while not being entire true at the same time.

Sometimes it is hard but in my opinion you have to face consequences of your actions.

And because I try to avoid lying and I am not used to it I get bad conscience really quickly even with small things. So I often decide to correct it seconds after I told a lie.

At least that is what I do if the person is not a complete stranger.


Wait, there might be one thing.

I wouldn't call it a complete lie,
sometimes I might have thought it is the truth myself.
But If you get asked how your studies are and when you will finish it for some years you will get annoyed.

So I used to come up with a different story every time I got asked.

As I said, they were never a complete lie, but there are some completely different stories out there. I could say for each of them "that was the reason" and you'd never know if it is true.


HA! I work hard not to lie for the opposite reason, I'm very good at it, and it's a little scary to have to live up to things you say to try to impress people. That was something I struggled with when I was young.