Gardening for pleasure and peace of mind

2년 전

Hello again.

Lately, I’ve been feeling better from last year’s illnesses. They certainly took a toll on body and mind. I’m still not back up to full fitness, but I’m getting there, slowly.


This morning, I got up at 7 and went into the garden – greenhouse to be more precise. I cleaned it out a little, swept up a lot of debris from under the shelving Trev made for me, and I potted the tomatoes I’ve grown from seed. I’m not sure they’re the best specimen, but we’ll see. I’m determined not to spend money on plants this year, but I still like the taste of the home-grown tomatoes.

I’ve been really busy in the garden the last few weeks, mainly because there’s so much to do – I didn’t do much last year and it took over.

The main problem this year, has been Vine Weevils. They destroyed one of my lovely grapevines because I got to it too late (my fault, I should have been more on the ball). I got a packet of nematodes to combat the creatures in the grapes and passion fruit vine and it appears I’ll need some more because when I’ve been re-potting the plants, I’ve found more of the horrible grubs in the soil.

I’m using all the pots, trugs and troughs I’ve accumulated over the years and I’ve planted up a lot of them. There’s still so much more to do, however, but it gets too hot for me to work, and so I come up to my office where I can see everything growing, and I sit down to write.

Most things have survived the mild winter and are coming on a treat. I did have a plan to move my greenhouse so I could use the space for a seating area. Talking over the plan with Trev, we decided that the seating area would probably work out better at the bottom of the garden, on the raised deck and so that’s what we’ve done. I’m in the process of clearing the deck of plants and my table will be set up there. I’ll be able to have a coffee down there and write in the shade of the poplar tree.

I have a few pictures to share with you today, but I’ll make sure I get more for the next post.

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Good to see you back, Michelle - Being in the garden relaxes you and puts you in the mood for writing. With me, clouds do it as well. I've been dabbling with watercolours trying to capture their elusive essence, but I find I paint better with words :)

Nice post! Can’t beat a good tomato! Where I live in the Philippines I am trying to find a hearty variety for this tropical climate, I am sorry to hear you have been ill, but it is good you are on the mend!