Procrastination or just plain scared to write again?

2년 전

Just in case you didn't already know, I've been ill for a while and therefore, I've not been writing.

I've been easing myself back into it with a start on editing Deadlier Than The Male (again) and posting the edits on Steemit. I've also been sharing the court case I've been going through.


During the months I've been ill, I have watched a LOT of television and I've crocheted many lovely things.

Yesterday, I packed up most of my yarn, tidied the living room and decided I need to get back to writing.

Here's the kicker.

I think I've been away from writing for so long that I'm scared to start it up again.

I've looked at a few of the 'Bestsellers' on Amazon and truthfully, I think I can do better.

So how do writers get a publishing deal when their writing needs so much doing to it? - Wow, that sounds bitter.


I've had my breakfast, sorted out the animals and I can settle down to write, but I'm putting it off, I'm thinking about tidying up some more, starting a fire, doing other little bits and bobs and avoiding the real issue.

This is the first step? Knowing there's a problem...

I have ideas running around in my head and I can't bring myself to write them down and I just know that's the best way to lose them. I'm lost, I'm stuck and I feel really vulnerable.

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sorry you have felt ill, that sucks in life in general. sorry you feel a little lost, maybe don't focus on writing better than what you see on amazon but just writing and then letting it flow. meditation is your friend!

It's tough when you feel that way lass. Just jot your ideas down so you don't lose them and then you can toy with them in your big red head without worrying that they might skip away. :0)

You had a lot of great things you were part way through - Celtica and Elizabeth spring to mind, though I know there were more. If you read through any of those, do they speak to you again?

This happens to me if I take a break from writing any longer than a week or two. I always have this fear that the “muse” will leave me after being away from the keyboard for a while. What really helps me is to listen to the New Yorker Fiction podcasts while working out at the gym. This seems to always get my brain into “the zone” and the words just flow again.

I know you have had a lot of prescriptions lately, but here's a script for you - sonnet 29 in which Shakespeare admits to being despondent about his writing and even desiring another man's art and scope. I figure if the Bard can feel that it let s the rest of us off the hook. Read over the stuff you've written and tell me if it's not better than the 'best sellers' on Amazon. Get to work, Girl - you're depressed and the best antidote for a writer is writing. (Glad you're feeling better though)