Daily photography -(10 Episode)The life story of a photographer.

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Assalamu Alaikum of Muslim brothers.Today I am going to highlight the life story of a photographer hope you all are well and carefully read my photographer's story and will comment more and more.It was a long time ago when I did not have a camera but I wanted to take my pictures. It was a great desire. I was always a villain in my village and I used to read it with all the time. I used to learn some photography from him, he beat me a lot and insulted me. Even after that I did not leave behind him, then suddenly one day my father bought a camera watching the pictures of my interest in taking pictures of me. Which the name Canon.I slowly removed many names in my area around. Now if I order anywhere in Bangladesh, I can work as a photographer. And I do not want to show my sad life in front of you. So here's the end.
Thanks everyone!

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