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I have join steemit no less than 3 month hence earned nothing. Sometimes its not essential to earn a lot when i can learn lot of things. One thing i know that the online currency market fluctuate a lot , sometimes it reach it's peak sometimes reach the bottom. Maybe i have join steemit at wrong time while the market going down and down even it is going down continuously.
Today i saw the market review while they said that the crypto currency have reach the lowest level than the previous year. Thatmean its a new record of fallen currency. Okay, to be honest i have the same hope as like other user to earn some from steemit, why not while i have the opportunity by sharing some of my works. Its okay if the market falling everyday, still we love steemit, specially i love steemit cuz this is the platform where i am learning to do blogging. As a IT(information technology) student blogging is a good thing for me specifically when i blog using these HTML codes.
Thanks to those people who had this idea to make a social media where people can earn by their ability and their works. This was a noble plan to help lot of standard people who wants to earn money by doing standard job.
I have seen lot of talents and i view their post most of the time and i also have some honorable mentions.

@velimir i love his art photography so much hence i saw he is a very active user.
@alexco-steemit he is also a cool art photographer. His recent car photographies are remarkable
@royalmacro his macrophotography is the best from my point of view
@cicbar is a good writer who writes about cryptocurrency.
@einarkuusk is a very nice personality who blog about universal things and i have learned lot of things from his blog
@son-of-satire is a strict person and also funny. I remember one of his coment in my post which make me think twice that steemit is not that boring atall.
@jerybanfield is the best witness and robot and a teacher of steemit who teach how to use steemit properly hence his blog about steemit are cooler than others..
There are lot more i follow to learn and enjoy lot of things. Cannot explain that much right now,hope someday i will. So these persons were most inspirational to me to continue steemit even these days while market going low and low. I wish someday steemit will stand up again to join the race of currency market. Good luck to all steemit users.
Thanks to everyone for giving us a chance to develop ourselves.
Thanks for reading my post. Thanks to all of my wellwisher.

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I'd say, don't look at the price of cryptos, just enjoy steemit as it is. As you put it, you can learn a lot of new things, including blogging which is a great advantage. Keep up the good work!


Ya sister.. thanks.. :)

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