Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best social media of them all?

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Do you know how a mirror helps
visibility on search engines?


STEEM blockchain is so much more than a simple place to post due to mirroring. The mirror is extremely important tool for visibility and will will lead the way for future social media.

So what is a Mirror?

This is not the mirror that you use to put your makeup on. A mirror in social media is simply a way to put copies of your content out onto the web so that you get a better chance of landing onto search engines like Google.

How this works on the STEEM blockchain

First understand that STEEM is a blockchain that stores your content. It is like a database for your blog. Whenever you post using your favorite front end, your post is stored onto the blockchain and then will become visible on the other front-ends that access the STEEM blockchain. For instance, if you post using Utopian, then your post can be read on Steemit, Partiko, eSteem, and many more. This means whenever you post using your favorite front-end, then Google has more chances to pick up onto your post because Google's search bots are scanning the web for new links to add to their search engine. Each front-end gives Google a place to find your post. As entrepreneurs create more STEEM front ends, the mirror effect will also grow. STEEM also provides resteem. This is a yet another way to mirror your content on another user's blog.

You can think of STEEM like a hall of mirrors of your content for search engines like Google.


There are so many front ends that will mirror your content when you use STEEM. Here are some examples:

  • Steemit
  • Steemkr
  • Busy
  • eSteem
  • Dtube
  • Dlike
  • SteemPress
  • Dclick
  • SteemPeak
  • Steemshot
  • Steeve
  • Steemitalia

You may have noticed that ModelcoinMC has been promoting models using the mirror. This is beneficial for the models to get more visibility on search engines. It also promotes visibility to various STEEM front-ends as well as ModelcoinMC.

How do you use the mirror?

Simply create content on the STEEM blockchain.


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