Tiny worlds within worlds -Bug life

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Sitting in the garden these tiny bugs dropped in to say hello. Can you see how tiny this little bug is in my hand...No?

Tiny bug


Here is a closer view of this perfectly formed little bug. It is a wonder to behold when you think it has lungs and a heart and all the other things that help sustain it on this planet. In such a tiny package and it can fly?

tiny bug.jpg

As a species (humans) we are pretty incredible but it makes you think when you see what these little creatures can do.

Below is this magical llittle jumping spider. Is it battling it's way through the undergrowth of some tropical forest?

bug in the bush.jpg

Nope, that is the hair on my leg but gives you a sense of scale. I wonder what this world is like for these little marvels. It's obviously 1,000's of times bigger for them than it is for us.

Wonder is all around us, all the time. We just have to look more closely. Aren't we lucky?

Category(Nature photography)
Camera(Canon EOS 70D)
f Stop(f/2.8)
Lens(Canon 30 mm lens)
LocationCambridegshire, England
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I study cosmology a lot these days. I have come to understand that things can get infiniteiy small and lose no complexity and get infinitely bigger and be as simple as burning hydrogen ... until you look closer again and realize the quantum level. To the universe humans are way smaller than those bugs to the human. So amazing to fathom.

Well this was a post that really made me think:)


The quantum realm is infinite and you are right. We humans are less than a speck cosmologically.

Having said that. It's great to be alive to the possibilities before us.

Are we the only species to experience the universe?


Certainly not. But who knows. Perhaps the universe unfolds at the moment of discovery.

We are lucky and I am in awe too.

Awesome close up photo’s of these tiny insects, the spider has some very unusual colours to it!

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Yep it was an interesting little spider. If we could jump like it we would jump 10's of feet!

The colouring is probably a defence against predators.

Howdy sir molometer! you are so right, the world is such an amazing place! Too bad no one takes the time to notice. I appreciate that you do though.


The world is a beautiful place.

I feel sorry for those that cannot or will not see the wonder of this planet.

They are probably the same people who are destroying it?

When I was a kid there was an expression.

"Don't crap where you eat"

Times have changed it would seem. For some people just do whatever they like with our planet for what? Profits?
How sad and short sighted.


Howdy today sir molometer! Yes sir I agree about the idiotic short-sightedness of people but I think generally speaking we've made massive changes in the right direction, just need to keep working at it and the ocean cleanup needs to accelerate because that situation is alarming!