The Scribble Show #3 Report

9개월 전


The Scribble show held in the ScribbleGuild server yesterday from 7 pm GMT+1 to 8.10pm GMT+1. We were 6 people on the show; @stevenmosoes, @poeticsnake, @seyiodus, @warpedwhale, and @edwin23. There was no time to play games as we focused on post-presentation and constructive criticism for the writers. A total of four posts were presented and @anneke article was chosen for the 1000 Whalestake Scribble Show Award. Do check out her amazing post here.


Posts presented

  1. @stevenmosoes's poem about the attributes of his lovely wife presented by Stevenmosoes.
  2. @warpedwhale's exceptionally creative poem about marijuana presented by me.
  3. @seyiodus's poem about her travails and determination to surmount them presented by Seyiodus.
  4. @anneke's educative life science post about the pitfalls of gossiping presented by Poeticsnake.


All show participants received Dbread tokens yesterday and @anneke's account was powered up with 1000 WLS as well. Do join us on the Scribbleguild discord server here the same time next week for another rewarding and interesting time.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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