Steemian Steps to Follow to Get Success on Steemit

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Steemian steps for success

Every new Steemians struggle on Steemit for getting success, but success doesn't come by giving up. It comes from writing quality contents and engaging with the right audience on Steemit.

I know that every Steemian who first joined the Steemit platform, They don't have enough information about the platform and some of them are not taking the right steps because they actually don't know how to get engaged with the Steemit community and what steps to follow, but as they move on they gradually understand that how the platform works and also getting familiar with different communities and the Services.

Here in this post, I'll walk you through to follow some steps for getting success on Steemit by knowing the right strategy, communities, and the right services.

Steemian Steps to follow for getting Success

Below I'll share some of the Steemian Steps for getting Success on Steemit, The purpose of this post is pretty simple to help the new and existing Steemians to save their time. So here we go.

Produce quality contents

I think It is one of the most important steps that every Steemian should follow is by writing quality contents without doing any plagiarism (Stealing others contents or photos) because quality content is something that compels whales, dolphins, and orcas to upvote your posts. Always focus to write informative and quality contents about any topics that you like and have enough information, and think how the users can get more benefits out of your post.


As a newbie Steemian, nobody knows about you and your content until you didn't let them know about your new account existence. There is one easy way that you can do, is by Commenting on their post. I mean commenting not spamming (Sharing your post link in the comment of someone's post and say follow me or upvote me is not the right strategy, It is basically spamming). These two terms are totally different from each other, one benefit you and the other will down your reputation score if you got a flag.

First, try to find some Steemians who produce quality contents related to your niche, then read the articles that interest you and give engaging comments as well as add your own points if you have related to their post.

I think the comment should be slightly longer between 100-150 words and should be meaningful to the point. Writing good and more comments also help you get more followers and upvotes, It basically increases your own Steemit blog audience.

Join Communities on Discord

Communities are great for the post promotion and for networking with different Steemians because a lot of networking occurs outside of Steemit. There are some communities that help newbie Steemians to grow their rewards, reputation scores, and their accounts. So let me share some of the communities that I found helpful to me and the other Steemians.

PAL (Minnow Support Project) - PAL is a community that gives a lesson of Peace, Abundance and Liberty, which help minnows by free upvoting their post in the upvote section once in 24 hours, It is a good place for networking with high ranked and new Steemians. They also have a section for post promotion where Steemians can promote their post. This community is very supportive and engaging, so basically they give value and respect to the quality contents. If you're interested to join this community then click on the link ( and create an account on discord.

ADSactly ( - ADSactly is a great community that is a made of different people from all over the world, This community is very helpful for every Steemian either established or new Steemians. First, The community helps the Steemians by the networking and second, This community select one post as "ADSactly post of the day", It means that ADSactly gives a huge upvote to that author who has been selected. The rule of this community is pretty simple, just add ADSactly tag in your post and share your post link in the "post promotions ADSactly tag" section. The good part is that If you're not writing post regularly, You still can share your existing quality post link once a day until 7 days that it doesn't get a payout.

The Other helpful communities

Earth Nation
Steem Gigs

Join Steemit Services

There are some projects/services out there, which is quite helpful for the hard worker content creators for the visibility of their post on the Steemit platform. Let me share some of the good ones with you.

@qurator is a curation guild which helps the Steemians in promoting their quality content by offering a lifetime of upvote and support with a 1-time subscription fee of 4 Steem. It is one of the best upvote services out there on Steemit but the criteria of selection are slightly strict and totally based on the quality contents.

@steembasicincome is a sponsor based 1-time subscription fee service for a lifetime upvote of your post and your sponsor's post. Its subscription method is quite easy, Just you have to transfer 1 Steem to steembasicincome and the name of your friend that you want to sponsor in a memo. After everything is done, your sponsored friend and you mean both of you get an upvote for one single subscription.

@moonbot is a monthly subscription service with a fee of 1 SBD. This service gives you an upvote every time you publish a new post. It gives you more reward than your subscription fee, If you post daily.

@ginabot is one of my favorite notification services, One thing you have to keep in mind that Ginabot is not an upvote service, I include here because I like to use this service because it let you know about every activity that is happening to your account. e.g: who upvote, comment and resteem your post? who follows and unfollows you? who replied to your comment and how much SBD or Steem you transferred to other accounts?

I like this service very much and I also recommend you to register yourself for this service. It costs you nothing, Just transfer 0.001 SBD to Ginabot and follow their instructions and they return you back.


These are Steemian steps that will help you to get more Visibility, Followers, Upvotes and engagement with the community of Steemit or in other words this is a way to get Success on this platform. If you follow these steps correctly that you'll get success in the long term.

Now I'd like to hear from you about Steemian Steps to follow for getting success on Steemit by sharing your useful thoughts below in the comment, Maybe I missed something.

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Thanks for the very helpful tips! Long live Steemit!

Wow! This is an awesome beginner's guide. I learned a lot! Thanks so much for this!


Thanks for reading @nathankaye.

Glad to hear, I appreciate for the nice feedback. keep it up!

Good post @mslifesteem and great suggestions.


Thanks for reading @steemitqa. I appreciate for your nice comment.

I did not create a discord account but will do so now. I would like to know more About bots and how to receive higher upvotes


Thanks for reading @dreamer007.

Exactly, later on I will write a post about bots and how to receive higher upvotes. I appreciate you for the nice feedback.


You're most welcome @dreamer007. keep it up!

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Oh I see, thanks for the tips!

But why is everything on Discord... I was hoping maybe it can be in :(


Thanks for reading @artgirl.

The reason is that the Discord community is very supportive and engaging while community is also a great place for post promotion and making new friends, but there users are slightly less than the Discord communities because Discord has a lot of good communities and they also bring new communities for new purposes. I think that is great.

I appreciate for the nice comment.


I see. Ah well... Let's see if I will sign up soon. ")

Thanks for taking the time to put this together and share with us. Being new I find this highly motivating to learn and do more. I use steemify app to get notices of comments, replies and follows which is very helpful. The phone app works like all the other social widgets of this sort. So no real learning curve there!


Thanks for reading @visualcontent.

Yeah, Exactly, you're right that Steemify work the same way as the other social widgets because it is a great app for the IOS. It has all the functionalities that Ginabot has.

I appreciate for the nice feedback, keep it up!

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Gosh I needed this soooo badly! Thank you :)


Glad to hear @petrajordan. Thanks for reading!

So much to learn - I havent followed an of these steps yet, because my priority has been on building some quality posts before I try to push anything out there, but I am gradually starting to get a grasp on this big wide world of steem.
All of the decent articles Ive read really push the quality content angle, which makes a lot of sense. My next mission is to figure out how to filter all the cr@p.
I really appreciate the time and effort so many people put into writing these how to's. It has made a huge difference to me, in understanding what is going on.
Thanks very much


Thanks for reading @goldiemr.

I recommend every beginner to read more articles and learn about the Steemit platform because Knowledge will let you move forward slightly faster.

Steemit platform respect and gives value to the quality contents. Obviously you'll get success, if you follow some of these steps.

I really appreciate you for the nice feedback. keep it up!

Thank you for writing this down. It's good advice and motivates me to get things startet here on steemit ;)


Glad to hear @psionic-tremors.

I appreciate for your nice feedback, Thanks for reading!

Exactly what I needed

thank you


You're most Welcome @fanen.

Glad to hear and Thanks for the feedback, keep it up!

@mslifesteem, thank you for YOUR "Steemian Steps to follow for getting success on Steemit." Lots of excellent info!

Like you suggested, the Discord communities are vibrant and very supportive! I just met the amazing Minnow Support Project folks with @davemccoy, @goldendawne tonight! One of their members, @seaslim calls them "Earth Angels"! They are a very kind and highly encouraging community!

Thank you again for info! Had to resteem!


Thanks for reading @kismet2018.

Yeah, exactly, PAL - Minnow Support Project folks are great humans and great supporters, They are always ready for engaging and support to All Steemians either established or new.

Thanks for the nice feedback and resteem. I appreciate you for the effort that you put to read this POST.

keep it up!

Great advice I agree with all of that. It's so hard in the beginning and it's easy to get lost and give up altogether. Those who don't will soon find out how awesome it can be!


Thanks for reading @insideoutlet.

Exactly, you're right, but I think that It is better to produce quality contents and reading more articles as a newbie instead of giving up because the more knowledgeable you become, the more ways you find to get success on Steemit.

Steemit is really a great place for everyone.

I appreciate for the nice feedback. Keep it up!