Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algorithm - Part 17

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Part 17: Writing the Codes of Love

“Why do you think a person would fall in love with another?” I asked Deniz.

She answered my question: “I don't know; I've never been in love with anyone.”

In front of the writing board with a pencil in my hand, I said “I think you can give me a better answer"

“I lied, I fell in love with someone when I was a kid. Now we're gonna say something about love, you're gonna write it on the board, and it's gonna work?" Deniz asked.

“You must have confused love with recipes, brother,” said Berkan, who seemed to be busy with his computer, but had followed the dialogue between us.

“As you know, this kind of sessions is called brainstorming. I'm sure that will work. We can say 'liking', 'want to be together' if the word 'love' scares you."

“Love doctor is among us,” said Berkan, "he will write the formula of love with the pencil in his hand."

“Friends, I expect you to contribute not criticize,” I said in a determined voice.

“Liking, to be in love and being together are different things,” said Deniz.

“What characteristics does a lover that you look for have?” I asked this time.

“She'll charm me if she is hot,” said Berkan.

I wrote the title ‘hot’ on the board.

“Look at the man, he wrote it down,” Berkan said.

“I'm glad you're having fun working, buddy.”

”There are different dynamics for men and women, " said Deniz. I underlined the title 'men' on what Berkan said, and I wrote 'women' next to it and wait for Deniz.

“Women like men who exhibit leadership or have the potential to lead,” said Deniz.

Berkan commented on the words of Deniz by the phrase “they are trying to reach to power over us.”

“What kind of women man like?” I asked.

“The majority is looking at it just enough to breathe,” said Deniz.

“My friend, are you calling us losers?” asked Berkan, turned to me and said, “write it on the board”

”I'm looking for intelligence, beauty, and courage in woman," I said.

“This kind of woman would not like you; she will be attracted to me,” said Berkan.

“I don't think you're doing a lot of work today.”

“These are three features that Seçil has; we will meet tonight, this time I think it will happen. She had a friend who stayed at the house in Kasımpasa, where we met, we went to the cinema the other night, and we're going to dinner tonight.”

“Your money's gone; you're done.”

“You put the finger on the right spot, she booked a place in a restaurant where celebrities go, and I can't offer German kind of payment for the first meal, I'm going to leave a two-week allowance there,” said Berkan.

Deniz said, “since she made a reservation at such a pricey place, she won't make you pay for her account."

“I hope so,” said Berkan.

Despite all of Berkan's efforts to dilute, I had created my list of essential traits that people wanted to have in the opposite sex with the help of my partners. All the critical features we could find, as I had foreseen at the beginning, were already available through a detailed internet search. So I didn't learn anything new. On the other hand, our efforts were not wasted because learning, understanding, and internalizing were different stages in transforming information into practice. The data representing any feature could be found in a digital environment, using imagination. I didn't want to leave any element out of the model I was going to develop. The result that I obtained after my long studies were that men and women should be defined through different processes. Women's elections were based on more objective criteria than men. Although the match seemed to be a mutual choice, in most cases it was made by women alone. The men thought they had conquered a woman because of their massive egos. The lesson to be drawn from these ideas was that the adoption of the platform by attractive women would be a priority task. It would also be helpful for the platform to win women who are not attractive to men at first sight. Because beautiful women had a characteristic of intimidating men, as in many other issues, the act does not match the behavior preferred to be shown, men who seemed to be fascinated by beautiful and intelligent women were going to ask for not so cute and smart women. It was easy to define intelligence through the people who were followed in social media, compliance with grammar rules, and their fields of interest. In this direction, it was possible to suggest people with close intelligence to each other in matches. Beauty was a more difficult concept to describe. Even though the properties that were defined relatively easily, such as height, smoothness, and brightness of the skin, give a basic idea, the primary determinant of beauty perception was symmetry. Since the human body is three-dimensional, it was not easy to determine the symmetries. Maybe it would be useful to know how many people looked at the profile photos of the people to represent the physical beauty. Desired physical and spiritual characteristics of the opposite sex varied from person to person. Some people tend to look for features that complement themselves in the opposite sex. For example, fine men liked women with the thicker bone structure, instinctively taking into account their potential children. Timid women preferred brave men; modest men preferred cheerful and talkative women. As I went into detail, I saw what a fantastic job the human brain was doing in the match, and realized that the work I attempted was much more profound than I initially thought.

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