Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algoritm - Part 5

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Part 1: Our Sweet Home
Part 2: Love In 12 Minutes
Part 3: Machiavellian Berkan's Concerns
Part 4: Bonanza and His Friends

Part 5: Long-lasted Love

As Berkan promised, he had taken his leave of absence, but he had not yet begun to work on the platform where we would put the love algorithm into. He postponed the start of the study, arguing that the work to be done was elementary and that it could be done in three or four days. He was unaware of the laws of The Great God, Murphy who dominates the business world. He did not assume responsibility for a tremendous job alone, and he was unable to comprehend that he would face many unforeseen problems. I also thought that he was lazy with a more straightforward assumption; he had energy and talent, but he needed a strong enough warning that would expose him to action. I've decided that the best way to solve the problem was to visit his home.

I took a 2021 model electric taxi from Levent to Berkan's home in Kasımpaşa. I knew of it from the blue light circling the Toyota emblem; they didn't put that light emblem on the next year. Nearly three years after the launch, people from every class continued to buy this model, Amber, at the speed of the first day. This compact, comfortable and economical vehicle was most prevalent among cabs. I like to chat with the driver of the cab ride; I was annoyed that all the booths would be without drivers in a few years. As there was a new obstacle each time, the aforementioned few years did not pass, and the most legendary profession in modern history continued to live.

“Hello, I would like to go to Kasımpaşa,” I said.

“Aleykumselam, my nephew, send the address to the navigator,” said the old man who drove the taxi.

I sent the location of Berkan's house from my mobile computer to the cab's navigation device. The device showed the estimated cost, and when the driver confirmed the route with his finger, the vehicle was locked to the target location. We both were relieved when the car took responsibility for finding the way out, so I asked, “How are things going, are things good?”

As if the driver has been waiting for this opportunity for years, he began to explain immediately: “don't ask, nephew, I have a big problem in my mind.”

I said, “Uncle, I am curious.”

“Obviously you're a true young brother, there's not much left like you,” said old driver after pressing the autopilot button on the steering wheel. I thought that the steering wheel took control of the car to enable him to support the narration by hand; obviously, the issue was deep.

“I'm at an age, that my peers are in the mosque courtyard, coffee shop, and social media, I'm still in charge of the steering wheel. What trouble has happened to me has happened because of love. I am a retired man, thank God, we have a house in Beylikdüzü, so I'm not a needy person. Why should I be in Istanbul traffic instead of extending my foot at this age? Look at the traffic jam; if you're going to put it on your head, you're done. I work in a taxi to I run away from house troubles. I can't stand it when I hear it; we're old soil, the chief of the House need to solve the problems, so we saw it like this from our ancestors. The tradition was taken underfoot; every sheep is hanged on their own leg in today's time. I said we should not let our son marry that girl. I even said we should never let him marry. If he would find a working girl, for example, a teacher, and if she liked ours, it would be fine. Our boy fell in love. Oh boy, your hand does not hold the bread, and you brought the girl who does not work to the house. The mother and the son have come together. There is no provision of my word. My daughter has married a fraudster who walks like a crab. He doesn't have any material charges for now, but his spiritual side is worse than material. This son-in-law is cheating on my daughter. When he wanted the girl in time, he said, daddy, my heart does not listen to me, please do not stand between your daughter and me, love fell in our hearts. He cried in front of me for how many days. His mouth makes such a statement; he draws such a bond that it is impossible to stand in front of him. If it were up to me, I wouldn't let them marry. But your my wife knows everything well, she loves her children the most, and when the kids want something, she's right in front of me as their lawyer. Someone else would have already picked up his shit and gone. I haven't had alcohol since today, nor I do not play gamble. I ran home every evening to my lady and children. As a result of his wisdom, Almighty Allah is testing me with a taste of the stubbornness of a goat. Okay, I've been through this way, I am still passing by, I respect to love.; the boy who didn't care about anyone but himself, looks the eye of the bride. I became addicted to your mom for 30 years already; now my age is advanced; I won't serve a bride. The bride is also the daughter of the man, but if you saw her on the street, you wouldn't turn and look to her. The boy doesn't work, the point is, the bride doesn't work anyway, maybe the market is slow, the boy can't find a job. They're our kids; they can eat at home when the pot is boiling, we're not going to throw them on the street. I didn't frown, because the kid doesn't make money, I put the allowance in the pocket of the 30-year-old donkey every day. The other day, my wife asked if these kids could never have their own separate homes. I didn't understand what she was saying first, or maybe my heart didn't want to believe. I took a look at her saying, "the boy must have got into the job first. Where is the job, said my wife, AI is doing things, young people have become miserable, and Allah will give a thousand times trouble which found electronic intelligence, she added. And I said, all the boy's friends went to work like lions. "My son is a man who can't stand injustice," she said. I thought about the injustices that have been done to me, and I said, "Yes, too bad, the gentleman can't stand the injustice at all." "It is necessary for these children to open a separate house, the child's self-confidence decreased from sitting in the father's house, how my child would get to work in this way, she said. Look, Gülten, we can't afford it, look, I warn you in advance, don't insist, it would be too bad, we'll break down.

"We talked to the children for a long time, and we evaluated the issue, so let's not argue and bother each other, there is no other way," Gülten said.

The fuses in my head threw away, you know, the switches, the fuses all flashed all of a sudden, up from the top of my head as if a fireball went up. I shouted, “God damn all of you,” and as I shouted, Gülten's face was white as paper, her lips trembled, “I'm going out, what the shit you can to eat, eat without me.” After leaving home, I shut down the pocket computer, and I haven't been home for a week. I felt a little shaken at first, and I slept alone in a narrow bed in the hotel room, but then I felt so light that I couldn't tell you. Mine was unconditional love, an endless ordeal, or why I get so angry. My wife never loved me as much as I loved her. As they took out of the hands the golden goose, they were mobilized, they were in a panic; putting together agents, involving the elders I respect, and much, much more. I was taking it slow, but I liked the way my wife tried. Once love has captured the man, there's no escape. When I check my heart, I see that I'll be back on home, maybe the boy's separate home issue will be resolved, but the order in the House will be the same. Love puts a man in a very different state; I don't think all of this is bad. After marrying Gülten, I became a man of the quality I never had in my celibacy. I complain so much, but if I come to life again, I will marry Gülten. Love gives strength to the man's heart. We must be going down from the left, when the electronic brain does not deviate, finds beautiful intermediate ways.” he said.

"Your Life is like a novel.”

”Everyone knows their own life," said the driver.

I said, “the public knows the importance of love, but neither the state nor the companies are looking at it as a serious issue.”

Since he was focused on the steering wheel and the navigation device, the driver Selahattin did not comment on what I said. We stood in front of an old apartment, and I got out of the taxi, giving my best wishes to the driver.

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