Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 32

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Part 32

Although the victory over the robots was greeted with great joy in the city, no formal celebrations were made due to the martyrs. The majority of the trees in the greenhouses were dried out because they remained lightless, and the crops that met the city's food needs were significantly damaged. It would take time for the new crops to be planted and the animals destroyed by robots to grow. Winter was about to begin on earth, even the production of clothes that would allow people to roam comfortably above winter conditions was a problem in itself.

In the woods around the city, in meadows, in the mountains, the soldiers engaged in search and destruction, on the one hand, involved in intensive hunting and searching for food. It was a great chance that it was a period where fungi were abundant in the forests. Although some soldiers were poisoned by the mushrooms they ate, they soon learned to separate the poisonous mushrooms and the others. Hunting deer, shooting birds, catching and cutting wild horses was one of the daily tasks of the soldiers on the field.

After making sure that the robots were neutralized, the power given to the Black Lake was cut off, and the search was started in the lake. The lake had small amorphous metallic flies, three-legged robots, and guided mines. On the south shore of the lake, there was a region where gold and silver were abundant. Using large sieves, gold particles were collected, transported to Yerşehir under a wide range of security measures, melted into gold.

Since robots entirely occupied Nemrut, the main tunnel to the East was closed with security concerns, and therefore it became impossible to trade with the Persian nation. Eastern Rome, on the other hand, was not willing to export food to Yerşehir despite the high amount of gold offered. Fortunately, the dwarves who were attracted to gold found a way to supply the city with plenty of food. Food from the Mediterranean through Tarsus reached Yerşehir. The main food brought to the town by Dwarves was fish. The people of the city, who were not accustomed to eating fish, soon learned to distinguish between fish such as bream, bass, scorpionfish, stingray. All over the city, fish began to smell.

After busy days and nights, Omay decided to give a dinner invitation to her relatives at her home. Around the table, Omay and her daughter Derma, her daughter's boyfriend Sitta, Sitta's mother Puhepa, philosopher Akman and Doma were present.

Akman seemed as carefree and cheerful as usual, and Omay was stagnant despite the great victory over robots and the hunger problem being solved to some extent.

Omay lifted the copper goblet and said, “to your health,” and drank a few of the wine. The people at the table followed Omay and drank to the health of the people at the table.

Akman asked, “Have you ever been on a leather bottle?”

Umay was surprised, “where did this come from?” she responded.

"When I was a kid, I took a stroll on the lake on the puffed sheepskin.”

"If you fall into the water it will be hard to come on," Doma said. It was strange that he was willing to talk about something like that.

"If you don't inflate it much, you'll be more comfortable on it. If you wish, we can go to the lake and practice tomorrow," said Akman.

” It would not be appropriate," said Doma, he was surprised that Akman made such an offer.

Akman returned to Sitta and Derma and said, “Do not limit your life as your age progresses.”

Omay seemed to like the idea. She said, “Tomorrow we can all go out and ride a leather bottle.”

"Not because I'm afraid of anyone, I don't want to," said Doma.

"Society shapes us so that we don't know what we want.”

“Everyone doesn't have to love the lake.”

”Master Doma's answers are more instructive than his books, " said Akman, was he serious in his words or was he was making irony, it was not clear.

"When are we moving upstairs?” Puhepa asked, and as soon as she asked, she repented, because everyone turned and looked at her with amazement.

"Winter ahead. The robot threat is not finished," Umay said,” Let not hurry."

Puhepa considered herself different from those at the table because everyone else had studied at the Academy. And now, at an independent time, she drew attention to a question that was irrelevant.

“Daylight is so different, isn't it?" asked Doma.

Umay saw Doma smiling for the first time, wondering if it was due to daylight or Puhepa.

“The Earth is more beautiful than we've seen in the pictures. It was good for my soul," continued Doma.

“Yes, good, very nice,” said Puhepa, who was embarrassed by the interest of Doma.

“The fearless of robots is terrible,” said Derma.

“That's why I'm worried. Robots from other lakes threaten our people,” Omay said.

There was a short silence at the table, and then Akman said, “if they were flesh and bone, their offspring would already be extinct, but they are not, they have a wild nature, and they don't know what horror is. If we could reach out to their masters and talk, we could solve the problem.”

“They only understand the language of violence. They don't notice their existence.”

“Ignorant people act according to their instincts,” said Doma.

Sitta got tired of the conversation at the table. “I can't wait to ride a bike up there.”

By looking into the honey-colored eyes of Omay, "we would have a picnic on earth tomorrow instead of entering the lake" Akman said.

“Then we'd behave differently what we say to the public,” Omay said.

"They don't let us live the way it comes from within," Akman said.

"Society has rules, accepts. I'm surprised you haven't accepted these in spite of your advanced age, " said Doma.

"I disobey all those rules just because of my age. Now, for example, I feel like putting a kiss on Omay's cheek, but I'm not doing it," Akman said.

The people at the table looked at Akman with a great surprise. Omay said smiling, “as we are not outside, there is no obstacle to it."

Akman liked the way Omay responded. "I internalized some of those rules. I can't get away from them,” he said.

“If that's what you're saying, We're already dead,” said Doma.

“It would be nice if we didn't talk about kissing in front of the kids. I don't want them to misinterpret the relationship between us," said Omay.

“Omay knows my personality that is unfit for the affairs. I was afraid to upset her even if she wanted to... "

“It's best to leave these things to young people. For example, Derma and Sitta look good on each other" Omay said.

Doma, who was drunk with the wine he drank repeatedly, said, "Let's drink to that." They raised their glasses to master Doma's health.

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