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In ancient times people hunted wild animals to prevent their hunger. At that time the wild animal hunting was urgently needed, not for hobbies or entertainment. If one could catch some animals together, they would have sacrificed the rest in the house for future.

The name of a beautiful wild animal of nature is deer. Its color-trunk body is attractive to all-elderly people. Although most people of the country do not get the chance to watch the deer, almost all of them know the deer. The child who learned to speak in the new language also recognizes the name of the deer in the word. And at the beginning of his knowledge, he learns the deer and gives the colorful animal closer to it. The deer does not have any forest-forest in the country today. Their residences are now in zoos.


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I am a simple man, i see Bambi i give like :))

Great photos, never seen more than 2 deers in same place before, in my country, even we have wild ones in the mountains are hard to seen due to idiot hunthers.

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