How To Get Away With Anything

2년 전

I was watching the American crime-thriller series "How To Get Away With Murder" and I realized that this world is controlled by money and power.

There are people who have done worse than those in jail yet they walk free. It's all about your ties and connections. Who you are is affected by those you surround yourself with.

Don't commit crimes though but keep a few good heads in your power circle. It will pay off eventually! 🏥💙♨

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Laws in this world now are made for the minnows in the society ,it didn't start today .

But I believe that ,persons with good heart still exist and that is what keeps the minnows from getting hurt .

Stay blessed .


Yeah. The real world resembles the steem ecosystem. Keep doing good and growing. It eventually Pays off.

For those who had commit crime and are still walking.....freely in the society will be apprehended very soon. The law is meant for every one irrespective of your status......but when the deep pocket fellow do all the notorious act and are not behind bars then something is wrong with that society....

Happy new year @nairadaddy


Thank you for the superb response. Keep it up @Kingsleymond!