Time & Chance Rules The World

2년 전

There's a quote in the Bible somewhere in proverbs about how "time and chance happeneth to everything on Earth".

You may think you are in control but truthfully you have little choice available. Imagine how just the fact that a specific family gave birth to you has affected everything about you. Imagine how the environment you grew up has influenced your actions and inactions in this life.

You are where you are exactly supposed to be. If the universe needs you to be somewhere else, it will push you, nudge you, kick you if possible until you get to your destination.

Destiny is real!

Have a great life!


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i will like to be in control because where i see myself right now its not funny, chances comes daily but how we use it matters alot.

Sure one's environment has a great role to play but the choices and actions one make is another strong factor.