Everyone has a dream,what is yours?

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Hello friends!! My name is Andres Vega.

Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to make a difference in the world, started by practicing my favorite sport in the world (Taekwondo), then my parents told me that I need a career in order to succeed in life, my plans changed and I adopted the same philosophy, not because they forced me to think that way, but because I was convinced that it was really needed and had some logic, as the economy in our country wasn't all that great.

Usually our parents want us to always play it safe, no risks so that way we never experience being let down.This is not the best attitude to take towards anything if you really think about it, we can go on in life thinking that by walking on the right side of the street nothing is going to happen. There are always obstacles and unfortunate events and we don't know what is going to really happen until we are there.

I totally believe that our main purpose starts at the right time and place even though we are going through life always looking and pushing for that one oportunity that will lead us to success (any kind of success).

My pasion for Dentistry has always been there, I went to dental school many years ago in my hometown Morelia Mexico which I recommend googling, you'll love it! (Universidad Michoacana De San Nicolas de Hidalgo) and those were 2 very special years of my life.
After my second year I went on to learn dental technology (so I'm a dental technician full time, difficult job!!) while starting a family and learned so much,now I'm on my path to continue and finish my career.
I didn't realise why I liked it but it was very simple,I experienced that by treating patients and meet their needs we bring a positive impact in their lives.
One of the most important ones is bringing back their SMILE and CONFIDENCE!!
You would be surprised how many people are afraid of showing their smile because of their teeth .

One of our patients before veneers and implante treatment (natural design dental lab)
AUG2015andres 572.JPG

After dental treatment,notice the beautiful smile!! :)
AUG2015andres 573.JPG

I believe I found the perfect platform to help me achieve my goal of creating income and expressing my feeligs, help others achieve their goals while showing my pasion for singing (which I will record very soon in Dtube so please stay in touch hehe),photography and a little bit of writing makes it the perfect circle!.



My latest post before this one, not my best though :)

Thank you for reading!

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Gotta keep moving up brother! thank you!


Thank you! :)

Never stop following your dreams ! And once you achieve them, dream even bigger then :))


'Till the day I die!! hehe
We have a saying in our country : "I'd die on the line" which means always fight with all your might and effort even if we die right there on the finish line. We can be proud of ourselves that way :)

Woah looking forward to seeing a dentist turning to singer sooonn.. hehehe Thanks for sharing a part of your life and I believe that you have found the best avenue for sharing your thoughts and feelings. And that is Steemit! Goodluck to your journey here Sir! :)


Thanks a lot brother, it really does mean a lot to me To read your kind words and seeing that all of us are in it for the same reason Which is to be happy and live in harmony with the community, you know the money comes when there is happiness so there you have it. Yes I am excited to upload one of many videos where I sing LOL


Gonna watch out for it! hehehe Also, Dont forget to just have fun here.. ;)

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Good for you, @neneandy! I would like to become a writer! And not to be limited with the location. I would love to visit... Mexica :) and to stay there for a while... Love dreaming :)

Good luck and thanks for sharing!


Thank you Dimas! you should visit Mexico, it is a beautiful country :)
And yes we should continue dreaming!!

Congrats! Good job...


Thank you!😊😊

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Absolutely!!thank you!!!

Master in the canate


Thanks!! :)

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Thanks for sharing. It's vital to know what you want in life and go for it.😀

Dope pic