LOL Hunt!

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LOL Hunt is a platform where anyone can share or upvote funny YouTube videos. If you love funny videos, then this is an awesome platform for you. LOL Hunt has created a funny TV channel for you where you can hunt, watch and upvote videos for the daily top charts.

Click HERE to join LOL Hunt.

LOL Hunt is using Blockstack a decentralized storage system. This way, no centralized platform is controlling your data.

You can sign in to LOL Hunt via Blockstack.
Below is the link to Blockstack.

This picture below is my account on LOL Hunt and some videos I upvoted today.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Currently using the website, it is fun.


You're right.

sounds cool...thanks for sharing


You're welcome.

1st time hearing about this


Wow! I hope you'll try it out.

The platform is nice. I had just finished hunting


Lol! Thanks for your comment.