Hello friends, I am so excited to share my new discovery with you. I just found Nestree. This app is whole package of both fun and earning free crypto. I'm sure you'll like to join. It is available for both Android and iOS users.


On this app, you can create groups, join groups and catch fun as much want... That's not all. You can also sign in every day and get free Egg tokens. Also, you can monetize your group. This community and messaging app just made online communities much more fun and rewarding than we ever had.

Click on the link below to join. You can also join the hunt Channel let's have fun.

Thank you for reading.

Much love from to y'all.

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My first time of hearing about Nestree. I think I should look it up. Thanks for sharing

The app is poorly translated for English speakers, human.

This Cat will not click your referral link.

Now go take a bath.

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That's not a referral link. And no one is forcing you to join. It's up for those who wish to enjoy it. Of course, every good thing must have a criticizer so it's not new seeing comments like yours. Even Btc and Steem where you are now have lots of people speaking ills about it. I just hope naysayers won't discourage other people from benefiting from this. This was how they killed the chances of people who would have gotten Btc cheap.

Moreover, there are English channels there.


Excellent comment @ogoowinner.

You are very right, there are people who play to cause discouragement in recent crypto adopters. They know that it is a vulnerable population because they have not yet consolidated their sentiment towards the financial freedom that blockchain provides.

I don't understand why they do it. They contribute nothing to the growth of crypto communities and also cause damage with their negative messages.

This was how they killed the chances of people who would have gotten Btc cheap.

I hadn't thought about it this way, you're absolutely right.

All best, Piotr.


Thanks very much @crypto.piotr. I got to know about BTC when it was below $1000, but people like this were all over everywhere discouraging people from getting involved. I wonder why they do these things.

I am a member of this platform, trying to play with the surveys and see how the reward looks like.


Yes you're right.

I enjoy everytime spent using the messaging app

Thanks for sharing. It's nice

Lovely review. Will join the platform rightaway

Well detailed review

I guess am behind as usually coming on board

i have joined few communities and i am enjoying the app