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Presearch is a decentralized search engine, powered by the community.
I have been using this for my daily searches and the platform works smoothly
I have not reached the withdrawal limit however have seen a few videos of withdrawal confirmations and read some good reviews about the platform
If you have used the platform and have had a withdrawal please let us know how it went

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Hi Friend! I've tried Presearch, since before the World Cup! I have never lost faith, I just look and ready! It really takes a long time to reach the retirement limit.

For someone like me, without referrals, it is necessary at least 125 days, to reach 1000 tokens (1000 Tokens / 8 Tokens per day = 125 days)

I have constantly followed, since 1000 tokens is a considerable amount of $, approximately $ 100, the PRE has varied in price between 0.09 and 0.12 in the last month. But when I started I remember that it was between 0.17 to 0.18. I hope to see it like this at the beginning of October, when I reach the 1000 tokens, I need few tokens, less than 300 tokens to reach the goal.

I have also seen videos of retreats and also review the Presearch contract in EtherScan, and I have observed that if there have been retreats XD: D Although I find it strange some withdrawals less than 1000 tokens, you can check in the link below.

Do not stop doing it for the time, in months it will be worth it, better if you get more referrals than me.



Thank you and yes totally agree. You are getting paid for something you already do so dont concentrate on the money and its easier people try to make money from things like this and get frustrated because it can take some time. You are almost there so keep going and keep us updated when you withdraw please


You will know when I retire, the safest thing is that maybe you turn on my account with those tokens, or everything depends on the price. Lately Presearch is very low (0.09), hopefully it was in the prices I remember when I started, hovering between 0.15 $ and 0.18 $

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¡Hola! Buen post, también hice uno similar pero más extenso hace 1 semana... llevo 350 PRE, aún me falta y como 10 referidos. ¿Cuántos llevas tú?

hi @qam2112

I noticed that you haven't been very active lately. Are you still around or did you give up on steemit?

Hope you're just having a short break.

Cheers, Piotr


Hi @crypto.piotr just thought I would have a little break as I was having problems with the account and my laptop lol
Trying to get back on here.
Hope you are good and keeping active