The Beauty of "Wonton"

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"Wonton Soup" is probably one of the most popular authentic Cantonese cuisines, also one of my favourite comfort foods. For people who don’t know it, "Wonton" is a type of dumpling that is commonly filled with pork or prawn mixture. Whether in soup or fried, "Wonton" is always tasty and oh-so delicious!

"Wonton" is actually quite easy to make at home and you will find hundreds of recipes online. If you follow the steps correctly, I guarantee you the end result would taste better than takeout, lol!

I made some "Wonton" last weekend and @ezzy absolutely loved it! Allow me to share some photos with you all. Enjoy!





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I love them in soup!
Perfect for gloomy days like today!


Me too!!


Thank you!

I love wanton with shrimp. Its one of my favorite in Cantonese food

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It's my favourite too and I can never have enough, haha!


Un my country some restaurants sell wanton soup but instead shrimp wanton is with pork, and I really prefer with shrimp hehehe.

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Yummy! 👍
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