Steem is undervalued but don't undervalue yourself

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Right at this moment, Steem seems to be an undervalued blockchain. Yet, it should not be our concern because it is just a matter of time until people will flock over to Steem. For me, we focus on building ourselves in this blockchain. This is much more important! Connect with other Steemians as many as possible. Make yourself known to others. Be mindful of the negative perception towards this blockchain but don't make it a reason for you to step away.

Steem has been so far not making it right in the mainstream. But, that does not mean we are not doing anything! The thing I really love about Steem is how it is powered by the community. Each individual play their own role in bringing Steem on the mainstream. I am truly overwhelmed by the dedication shown to market Steem. Everybody is doing their own thing and it is just a matter of time until mainstream will start talking about Steem. Hence, when that time comes, where will you be then?

Steem maybe undervalued now but never ever undervalue your potential. Don't look down on yourself. This is the right time for us to build ourselves here in this blockchain. Discover and make yourselves heard is what we should do to build ourselves.

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You are more talented than you think!

Don't stop yourself from doing what you can do for the blockchain. Be original and be creative. The community appreciate originality and sincerity.

Never underestimate your true potential. Learning is the greatest weapon one can possess.

Be a millionaire in Steem! Pave your way through this journey with your own abilities.

Steem maybe undervalued now but don't undervalue yourself!

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Decreeased by almost 20%

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Stay positive , the ones that be Patience enough will reap eventually

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Totally agree! Maybe a little disagree when you say:

"Yet, it should not be our concern because it is just a matter of time until people will flock over to Steem."

We have to promote steem, we are a lot! Cant understand how we not plague social networks outside the cryptosphere such as twitter! i mean there are a lot of Steemians out there sharing Steem and atracting new creators, influencers or investors!

But those efforts are not focussed

We must make Steem worldwide TT at least one time x week!

If you have some time check this im starting this to do exactly that and im looking for more steemians!

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