Eos still topping the charts


IMG_20190101_174949_658.jpgsource: stateofthedapp

Outside bitcoin, eos is still My favorite Blockchain 2018 and still on....(I still research others just to keep myself updated, I'm open minded to technology).

Eos Is just less than 7 months old

Just 197 smart contracts according to this Stat

And 121 active dApps like
A. 2 social networks (karmapp.io and murmur)
B. 2 forum like platform (everipedia.org, trybe.one)
C. Several very successful decentralized exchanges
D. Countless games
E. Decentralized bank
F.. Virtual real estate (infiniverse)
G. List goes on

It has 47,000 active users today alone and carrying out over 39 million operations within 24 hours (the highest in the world).

Just in less than 7 months.

$4 billion backing behind it.

Experience CTO (built steem and bitshares).

People always get mad when I talk about eos, well........ It's just too good to be ignored.

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