Moola Mantra Meditation

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A short contemplation of the Moola Mantra, a supreme mantra and one of my personal faves:

In Sanskrit:

Sat Chit Ananada
Sri Bhaghavathi Sametha
Sri Bhaghavathe Namaha

English is a very limited language (actually it's a very intentional control construct, but that's another story) that does not capture the complexities of Sanskrit, which is highly dependent on tones/vibrations. Nonetheless, here's the gist of the Moola Mantra in English - it honors Oneness:

OM - the original sound of the universe
Sat - Existence
Chit - Consciousness
Ananada - Bliss
Parabrahma Purushothama Paramahtma - Praise unto the supreme macro cosmic soul, that which is equal to the micro human soul. As above, so below (and beyond, I imagine...)
Sri Bhaghavathi - Honor to the divine feminine
Sametha - in communion with
Sri Bhaghavathe - Honor to the divine masculine
Namaha - to bow before the unchanging change of holy OM

Here's a beautiful version of the Moola Mantra in a Youtube video that is not mine

Pretty, eh? It's magic too ✨ Invoking particular frequencies such as these particular sounds in these particular arrangements works wonders within the human being and the electromagnetic field we naturally generate around ourselves.

✨💛✨ Sara!
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