Google fires 48 employees for sexual harassment!!!!

2년 전


Google has cut 48 workers for lewd behavior charges The 13 representatives of the pruning staff were senior authorities of the organization, said the's CEO Sundar Pichai. He said the laborers have been pruned since 2016.

In a letter to Google's workers, Mr Pichai said that the world's biggest web crawler is getting to be stricter against the revolting conduct. In light of a New York Times report, the letter was composed.

Prior, in a New York Times report, Google had given an expected $ 9 million excluded bundle even in the wake of getting dissensions about the conduct of an Android programming maker named Andy Rubin.

In any case, Rubin's representative Rai denied the claims, saying in 2014 Rubin chose to leave Google itself in 2014. Around then he surrendered from the activity since he began an innovation organization named Playground. While leaving the activity, he was given a letter composed by the star, said his representative.

Pretty Pichai said it was hard to peruse the New York Times report. Google is giving enough significance to giving sheltered and lovely workshops to representatives. We need to ensure that we examine charges of inappropriate behavior or damaging conduct. We examine these charges and make a move against them. Over the most recent two years, Google's rejected staff did not get a leave bundle.

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