Samsung's case against brand ambassador for using iPhone tens!!!

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South Korean organization Samsung has sued Russia's image represetative and performing artist Sheena Sabak for abusing the terms of the agreement.Despite the organization's image diplomat of Samsung's protestation, the other organization's telephone (iPhone TEN) has been damaging their strategies by utilizing openly. Mirror's report says that Sabak is a writer, government official and an unscripted television indicate have. At present, he is the Brand Ambassador of Samsung. And keeping in mind that as of late on a TV station talk with, she was found in her iPhone tens. Be that as it may, amid the meeting, this introduction is additionally observed endeavoring to cover its iPhone tens as often as possible under a paper.

Senia Sabak might be fined $ 16 million because of the case.Samsung and Apple have dependably been intense rivals in the cell phone advertise. In such a circumstance, Samsung's image minister is exceptionally disillusioning for Samsung to utilize Apple's telephone in public.Seniya Sabak wedded 45-year-old on-screen character Maxim Vittergen and they have a child.

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