Once Agin To Bongwon-sa Temple For The Yeongsanjae Ritual.

2년 전

Few days later, I had a chance to drop by Bongwon-sa temple once again.

I heard from my friend the Yeonsanjae Ritual will be held in Bongwon-sa at 6, June for the memorial day.
I was so pleased to look at the whole ritual on the ground.

It is said an annual ritual for the memorial day of Korea.
This ritual is held for the peace of the soul of the sacrificed during Korean War (1950 - 1953 )

Korean Buddhism have served a specific characteristics of the ceremony for the dead.
In my opinion, this characteristics were originated from the conjunction between Buddhism and Ancient Korean traditional Religion.

Buddhism needed to take the role of Ancient Korean’s religion to mitigate the opposition of traditional religion against Buddhism.
Ancient Koreans believed that their ancestor became a god after the death.
So Buddhism tried to utilize Korean people's sentiment for propagation.

The ritual was planned to open from 10 am.
There were the lanterns along the road to the temple for the memorial day.



It was an election period for local government by chance.
So many election campaign workers were standing along side the road to the temple.



In the middle of the road to the temple, there was a stupa area for the late monks.
Some foreigners were listening about the meaning of the stupa.



The atmosphere of the stupa in the fine day was quite different from that of the rainy day.
I posted the rainy day's atmosphere in the previous posting.
It was bright. I felt peace and hope near the stupa.
The change of the weather changed the image and the emotions on the stupa completely.


It means that Human's feeling and thought is so fragile and unsustainable.
But I think this instability of human being is a source of the Human culture.

Finally I arrived at the temple, unlike before when the ritual was performed in the building, at this time the stage for the ritual was prepared in the ground at the front of Daewoongjeon.

While going to the temple, I could look at some interesting sculptures in the temple.
There was a spring near the main building. You can find the spring in every temple.
The spring seemed a symbol of the Buddha’s teaching.
We, the ordinary people feel thirst for the truth, drink a cup of water in the spring of the teaching.



Near the spring, there was the dragon sculpture near the Spring.
I saw this kind of dragon sculpture first time in this temple.

I thought that this temple had been fired several time before, so they made such a special dragon sculpture to prevent from the fire.

The dragon means the water. In Korean Traditional religion, the dragon is a god of the sea.
So they believed if they made the dragon sculptures, the dragons would prevent the temple from the fire.

When I arrived at the temple, every thing was ready.

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wow thanks for sharing

Awesome post

your post is undoubtedly very amazing, very interesting, I really like your post @ slowwalker

wow! a fun ride @slowwalker and an interesting story I really like, success is always my friend.

Beautiful post. It felt like being on a tour. Nice pictures to make us readers feel like we were there. Interesting thing about dragons. We tend to associate dragons with fire.

this is a very exciting journey, have a nice day that makes you happy, I am amazed with your various photography that is amazing, thanks for your kindness to share some pictures of your journey, I want to be like you walk, hopefully it could be a success for you.
I will upvote and restem

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Well it is indeed a nice way to remember the people and as for the place it is indeed looking very nice and serene .Everything seems to be in order ,no chaos and nothing of uncertainty .

While the dragon sculpture is indeed very great to look at.Liked it very much.The water from the spring is indeed a sign of essence .

Thanks for sharing the tour and allowing us to be a part of it.

this amazing history photography @slowwalker, i like, what else about history, success is always for you, visit mya account.

Waaaw... I like it

unique place in korea, many in visit korea people to ritual, proper shot,@slowwalker,☺️

yang kamu katakan atau kamu ceritakan ini adalah slowwalker yang sangat benar, dan sangat berguna untuk semua orang yang suka ritual, karena ritual juga sangat penting bagi kita semua slowwalker, cerita slowwalker sangat mengesankan dan berguna, kamu adalah slowwalker yang luar biasa, slowwalker sangat ramah silakan kunjungi blog saya sekali @ slowwalker

congratulations on the religious rituals held @slowwalker, hopefully get a blessing

Photography is good. Very nice. I like it

This is a very nice journey, I am with historic objects here ..

@slowwalker, You again went to right place to Bongwon-sa Temple. It's tremendous location to visit and learning part of Korean Buddhism. 6th June memorable day (annual ritual) for every Koreans I know just now.

Ancient Koreans believed that their ancestor became a god after the death.

It's different thinking with Sri Lankan Buddhism. We think everything happened The consequences are based on the repercussions. But Every Koreans believe they will be go after death. For Sri Lankan could trust they will be god or horror after death.
Beauty lanterns across on the road. Seems delightful decorations. Lot of tourist attraction there. Those stupa so impressive. Dragon art designs showing proud of Koreans. Absolutely brilliant blog introduced every time by you.
Triple gem bless you.

다시 봉원사에 가셔서 영산제를 제대로 보셨나 보네요.
주변이 참 좋습니다

바다의 신인 용이 너무 멋있네요..

Beautiful Buddhist temple. Love the colors of those lanterns along the road. Really cool. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

Commemorate the ritual that means we commiserate for the occurrence of a thing to be the history for all of US, who my commemorate the ritual means he was doing a very good country, because the ritual it is nice and make US participate what has happened to our country. Of each state definitely do the ritual, because in a state there must be happening a disaster or disaster hit a lot of casualties, your post is very useful and remind or in memory of a bit of the past very sad to the people who have died in the war, posting a nice, safe and success @slowwalker

  ·  2년 전

맑은날은 또 다른 느낌이네요..
그런 행사도 있고.. 정말 좋네요.
용 조각품.. 화재방지를 위해서 그렇게 만들었다니 이색적입니다^^

  ·  2년 전

thanks for your hard work ,wait for your next .

Hello! how are you? All the traditions make us love more the place where we live, they are our essence! in fact the weather changed a lot the view of the temple and it is a day like that there is more joy the lamps are very nice and decorate the whole place, what I liked the most part of the fountain were the dragons, I would like to draw a dragon of them I did not know that they had that meaning, every day you learn something new! thanks you for showing beautiful photos @slowwalker

한국에서 불교가 갖는 의미도 이렇게 번역해서 널리 알려주시니 정말 멋지네요 ㅎㅎ 제가 처음에 해보고 싶던 스팀잇 플랫폼입니다. 영어실력의 부족으로인해 접었지만요! 잘보고있습니다.


Your dragon pic reminded me of this

These places of memory are always very much appreciated .... it is a good thing that honors a people.

Hey @slowwalker! Thank you again for an interesting post. Your photos are beautiful, but you will be surprised which of your photos I enjoyed the most. ^^ The third photo! The picture of the election campaign workers made me smile, as I remember so vividly this interesting phenomenon. Initially, just after moving to Korea, I found it so strange to see people in the street doing coordinated bows to promote a campaigner, but the more I understood Korean culture, the more I understood how this was very normal. I also like this picture, because 화장실 was one of the first words I learnt in Korean… for obvious reasons! ^^

Thank you again for sharing beautiful Korea with us!

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By the way @slowwalker? Will you explain and describe the belief of the buddhism to know more what is buddhism and when did this start?


Very interesting post @slowwalker
if you have time, visit my blog

Nice picture of a nice composition.

Very beautiful photos. Particularly beautiful was the photo, where there is a conversation between a group of people. Good luck to you and Love.

Очень красивые фото. Особенно красиво получилось фото, где происходит разговор между группой людей. Удачи Вам и Любви.

rituals between regions and other regions can be different and have certain characteristics.

Korea is a beautiful Asian country. Your photos are also saing that.Have a nice tour in Korea. Thanks for sharing.

This is very enjoyable travel to Korea. Have a safe and nice trip.

wow! really amazing

I love that dtagon sculpture. The dragon mythos is probably one of my favorite things about asian culture.

It's beautiful