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Garbage sorting is what every country and every city needs. In Slovakia, there is such (or similar) garbage cans near every house. Each trash can for a separate type of garbage. I think this is right. That is how it should be. By the way, residents of private houses are given a multi-colored garbage bags for sorting garbage. That's cool. Garbage is taken out regularly with schedule accuracy. In Ukraine, this is a problem. In Ukraine, near garbage cans there is always a lot of garbage on the ground and it stinks very much. Slovakia is very clean. In the forest you will not see bottles and garbage on the ground after a picnic. In Slovakia, instead of garbage in the forest, you can see a living deer.

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Where I live, we've had recycling for years. However, with the stress of trade talks with China, they're not buying as much of our recycling, so (from what I hear) our recycling is just going to the landfill anyways.

In general people and even more so governments should take a lot more careful about our nature! We are about to destroy our planet! It's so sad!


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