Walk through the autumn forest!

3년 전

There are many wonderful places on earth. But it seems to me that you will not find anywhere better than our Siberian nature. There is nowhere more beautiful than our forest, especially in the autumn season! Do not believe? Let's walk together through the autumn forest and watch.


Look at the diversity and magnificence of the vegetation, the riot of colors surrounding us from all sides. Here the giants of the pines soar into the blue sky, white-trunched birch trees rustle next to them, as if they are seeking protection from the harsh Siberian winds. The cedars that stand with their shaggy paws in all directions amaze with their power. Aspen models on their green background are fashion models. The leaves on these trees are of various colors: yellow, orange, burgundy and brown. Beauty, and only! And in the distance, you see, there is a modest, beautiful mountain ash on a forest clearing, its clusters burning with a bright fiery flame.


If we go along the forest path on a sunny day, we will hear a playful rustling of leaves under our feet. A small breeze can bring down a whole leaf fall on us. Performing their fancy dance, the leaves will fall to the ground. Charmed by this spectacle, we will long listen to the rustling of the forest.


If we continue our walk through the wonderful autumn forest kingdom, then we will definitely notice the forest wealth - mushrooms. Here stands a large orange-cap boletus, under the weight of its red cap, it bent to the side, without waiting for the mushroom picker. Here are the dance of cute chanterelles. But the most "friendly" mushrooms at this time - honey agarics. Having taken a fancy to a huge, rotten stump, they thickly stuck around him: here there were large full-blown hats, and absolutely tiny “buttons”. Yes, our forest is rich in mushrooms, but these gifts of nature must be carefully collected, because there are poisonous ones among them, such as amanitas, pale toadstools, and false honey agarics.


In the autumn in the forest and the birds behave in a special way. Hear them sing their trills. It is nourishing for them in the fall, that's why it's fun! On the outskirts of the forest - bird alarm! What happened? Ptah someone disturbed? No, it is they who say goodbye to the forest, with fields until spring before leaving for warmer lands. It is very cold in our winter, not everyone will survive the Siberian frost!


Our walk is not over yet. If you behave very quietly, then you can see not only birds, but also animals such as squirrel, chipmunk, hare. It can fly among the thickets and red fox tail. If you are very lucky, then a powerful handsome elk will appear - he is fascinated by his degree and grace. A less pleasant meeting with the owner of the taiga, the bear, although in the fall he was full and is unlikely to harm people.


The sun is setting at sunset. Let's admire them in the forest: the rays, like silver-golden threads, make their way through the branches of the trees, and in the center of them is a ball of fire. Enchanted and spellbound, we leave the forest. The lines of AS appear in my head. Pushkin: “Autumn time - eyes enchantment!” It's hard not to agree with that, and our walk is proof of that!


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