Warm meeting old friends. @bugavi, @hajevoy60, @olga.maslievich, @artem-sokoloff and the little princess Darynka.

3년 전

Steemit unites our hearts and souls. It would seem that this is just the Internet, this is just a blogger platform. But how many people have already met thanks to Steemit? My family and I are also no exception. We found many friends here. We have already met someone, we just call someone by phone. I do not always have time to read someone's post and leave a comment, but I know that my friends are in my heart. I am always ready to support and help everyone. I am sure that my friends will always support and help me too. The last meeting in Ukraine was held with our friends from the beautiful city of Lviv in Western Ukraine. We met a wonderful family @bugavi, @hajevoy60, @olga.maslievich and the little princess Darynka. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank them for this meeting. Thank you for your kind words, for your support and for the wonderful walk through the beautiful autumn park. Olya, you have beautiful daughters. Thank you for the emotions that I experienced. I hope that we will meet again sometime.


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All I see are beautiful people....cheers


Thank you! 5954.png


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