You have to eat all the foods or throw them in the bin at the border. Polish border. Brutal border crossing measures.

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Yesterday morning we left Ukraine for Slovakia. This time we decided to drive through the Polish border. At the border of cars in the queue, there were few and within half an hour we already passed the Ukrainian passport and customs control and the Polish passport and customs control. At the Polish customs control we were in for an unpleasant surprise. The border guards gave us a special inspection. The border guards said that if there are three people in a big car, then the search of people and cars will be in a special mode. When we searched our suitcases, we found sausage sandwiches (we took lunch on the road, because the road was almost 600 km). We were forced to eat all the sandwiches at once or offered to throw them into the bin. I think this is wrong. You can not carry with them any animal products, dairy products. some list of drugs. When entering Poland, you must have a hotel booked (if you are a tourist), and you must have at least 250 euros per person. This money is sure to check. If you do not have this amount, then 99.9% of the probability that you will be denied crossing the border. Be careful.


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Amazing to hear about the problems encountered during border control. Cash is an opportunity for confiscation, unfortunately, some of these rules are changed by the border inspector, as they exhibit control over unsuspecting people. Sorry for these issues.

I'm having a hard time finding out the reasons for all this.

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Спасибо за предупреждение!
И желаю Удачи!

Very good to know as we might be travelling through the exact same locations within the next few years...

Safe travels, keep on thriving on and namaste :)

They are very strict, think a lot of countries are like this now.

Good information shared.

Oh my gosh! I’ve never heard of these border-rules in Poland before... pretty ridiculous indeed.

Нипуха ни пера!!! Удачи в вашей поездке!!!