I forgot i completed 1year on the steem blockchain!!!!!

3년 전

It's been 1 year now since I joined the ste block chain!!

I'm really busy and I don't have any time to post or to make any contribution so that's why I forgot my steem birthday and all the thanks to steemboard for the notification!

I've just saw the reply over my post and knew that I completed one year on Steem blockchain!

So this is just a quick post before I go to sleep and I will make a video when I have time celebrating with you :)

Much love and good night!!

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@soufiani, Congratulation brother. You've got massive achievement of your steem journey. Keep it up and will do more activities. You're one of success steemian in this community.
Merry Xmas and Happy holidays to you.


Thank you my friend it's a pleasure to meet people like your self on my steem journey!!

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hohohho! I nearly forgot what I feel like when I reach my 1st year. Congrats anyways! :D

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Congrats 1 year anniversary ! :) ♩♬ ♥

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